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9 Myths and facts about lung cancer

There are a lot of important facts about lung cancer that are not known to people out there. Plus, misleading myths that still develop in the ears of society. For example, not a few people believe that smoking is the only risk factor for lung cancer. In fact, women who don't smoke are more likely to get this disease.

Lung cancer is one of the most deadly diseases. However, the intricacies of this disease have not been understood by many people. For example what is the cause and how to avoid this disease.

Here are the myths and facts about lung cancer that you need to know, as reported by Verywell Health:

1. Myth: Only smokers have lung cancer

Lung cancer generally occurs in former smokers, and about 20% of women diagnosed have never smoked at all. Symptoms of lung cancer in non-smokers are also usually different from those who smoke.

2. Myth: It's too late if you smoke for years

Quitting smoking has a good, quick effect on your body. Your blood circulation will improve and your lungs will work better. The risk of cancer will begin to fall over time.

Within 10 years after you quit smoking, your chances of developing lung cancer will be reduced by half of your current risk.

3. Myth: Surgery will make lung cancer spread

This is a very common belief, especially among African Americans. They believe that if lung cancer is exposed to the air it can spread, and therefore, surgery is considered dangerous. Though surgery will not cause lung cancer to spread, and in the early stages, it can provide an opportunity to cure the disease.

4. Myth: Lung cancer cannot be cured

Depending on the stage. If found at an early stage, the development of cancer cells can still be suppressed so that the patient's life expectancy is still high. While stage IV lung cancer cannot be cured. Handling is only designed to optimize the quality of life of patients and reduce symptoms.

5. Myth: More women die of breast cancer than lung cancer

Breast cancer is more common than lung cancer. But actually, more women die of lung cancer each year than breast cancer.

6. Myth: Lung cancer cannot be prevented

Not true at all. A healthy diet and exercise can reduce the risk of lung cancer.

7. Myth: If I already have lung cancer, it's useless to stop smoking

Quitting smoking remains an important choice. The cure rate for those who quit smoking is higher than those who continue to smoke. In addition, smoking can also interfere with the effectiveness of several types of chemotherapy and drugs.

8. Myth: Lung cancer only attacks older people

Lung cancer is more common in people who are old, but it can also happen to those who are young and even children. In fact, cases of lung cancer are increasing in young non-smokers.

9. Myth: Air pollution is not the cause of lung cancer

So far tobacco is the most common cause. However, air pollution is also a risk factor. People who live in areas with many diseases are more likely to get cancer than those who live in a clean place.

Some myths about lung cancer can be dangerous, because sometimes it lulls people to not be aware of themselves and neglect health checks. Moreover, many people consider smoking to be the only culprit of this disease. Remember, both smokers and non-smokers are at risk for lung cancer. So, recognize the symptoms and risk factors of this disease so that it can be prevented as well as treated early.

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