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9 Natural Fragrances That Can Increase Male Sex drive

Usually, when talking about how to increase sexual arousal, the first eject must be a visual that is "challenging" or some kind of aphrodisiac food. Yes, that is not wrong. But, what if this time, you try another way? Like using a natural fragrance that can increase male sex drive, for example?

Sexual stimulation can be obtained from all five senses. Now, if you use aphrodisiac fragrances, that means you provide stimulation through the sense of smell. As for some natural scents that can increase male sexual arousal, including:

1. Vanilla Aroma

Although having a stout, does not mean that men don't like the sweet scent. Reporting from the allwomenstalk page, vanilla is one of the most attractive scents for men and women. Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac, an enhancer of libido while reducing the level of stress that inhales it.

2. Aroma of sandalwood

This scent can provide a warm effect, sexy, romantic, and relaxed at the same time. Not a few people think that the sandalwood scent is an "inviting" aroma. So, it is suitable for you who want to spend a long time in a foreplay session.

Besides, the aroma of sandalwood is also often used to treat impotence and help eliminate anxiety. This can be another alternative for those of you who might not like the fragrance of lavender to relax.

3. The scent of jasmine

Want to choose the fragrance of flowers, but don't want the one to smell too strong? The aroma of jasmine is the answer. Because, for most men, a perfume that contains a mixture of jasmine flowers gives a romantic impression, that makes it want to continue to be close to you! In India, jasmine flower oil has also been used for centuries to help increase libido.

4. Orange aroma

According to a study conducted by The Science of Smell, 31 men aged 18-64 years underwent testing to determine whether certain scents can increase blood flow to the penis.

As a result, several natural scents can increase their blood flow, namely the scent of pumpkin pie, lavender, and oranges. Of the three scents, it turns out that the one who has the most percentage to increase blood flow to the penis is the aroma of oranges (19.5 percent)!

5. Cinnamon aroma

Again, a sweet aroma. This time it's not the aroma of cake or fruit, but the aroma of spices like cinnamon. If you find a perfume with a cinnamon aroma, it seems worth buying.

Because, just like vanilla, cinnamon is considered to have qualified aphrodisiac qualities that can stimulate male sexual arousal. The aroma of cinnamon also provides a warm effect that can increase blood flow and circulation.

6. Peppermint aroma

The aroma of peppermint can trigger an increase in energy and invite considerable interest. Recent studies have shown, this scent helps stimulate the brain and dilate blood vessels, making it good for an increase in sexual response.

7. Rose aroma

The number of rose petals in the honeymoon couple's room was not just decoration. The reason is the aroma of roses can help to increase blood flow while increasing blood flow to the penis.

8. Lavender

Avoiding lavender for fear of making a sleepy partner? Wait! Although lavender has been scientifically proven to increase feelings of relaxation, lavender can increase pleasure during intercourse. Remember, passion is not always passionate. A soothing fragrance can excite and make sex so romantic.

9. Doughnuts

In the study of the Human Male Sexual Response to Olfactory Stimuli, the scent of doughnuts was found to enhance the arousing effects of other smells on the body.

The smell of doughnuts on its increased blood flow to the groin by only 7 percent, but the scent of doughnuts mixed with black licorice increased blood flow by 31 percent. Mixed with lavender the doughnut smell increased blood flow by 18 percent and mixed with cola it increased 12 percent.

Essential fragrances affect some men whose sense of smell is sensitive and can be stimulated from it. If by chance your partner is not a typical person who is easily aroused from the scent, then the scents don't have any effect.

But, there's nothing wrong if you try to take advantage of the natural fragrance that can increase male sex drive as already explained above. If indeed your partner is a typical one that can be stimulated from the scent, of course, it is beneficial for both parties. So, which one do you want to choose?

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