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9 Reasons men need to try yoga

Yoga is identical as a female sport. In fact, men can also get many benefits from this practice. 

Yoga is regarded as a mild and gentle sport making it more suitable for women. The reason for this misconception is that yoga movements are identical with stretching. In contrast to weightlifting that seemed to highlight the strength, or football that requires adultery and full of adrenaline. 

Yoga can be more than that. There are various styles of yoga that you can choose from simple gentle yoga to Ashtanga yoga that pumps sweat as well as heart. In addition, evidence suggests that yoga is also effective in increasing strength and building muscle. 

If you are a man and have been hesitant with yoga, maybe these reasons can make you more confident:

1. Lose weight and tighten muscles

 Lose weight and tighten muscles

In a study published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine, in overweight men who do yoga, the weight can fall to 2 pounds in 10 days. Not only that, yoga postures that rest on their own weight make it nice to tighten the muscles.

2. Improve stamina 

Stamina of the body can be more powerful because of yoga, both in terms of physical, physiological, and mental. Someone who routinely yoga will not easily limp and easier to concentrate.

3. Supporting bone health

 Bone health

Several studies have shown that yoga can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This is not surprising. Yoga has many good poses to increase the range of motion and mobility as a whole, thus contributing to bone health.

4. Overcoming chronic back pain 

One of the causes of chronic back pain is the sedentary lifestyle. For example, sitting at the desk all day for office workers. Some studies have found that yoga can deal with back pain, fibromyalgia, and other types of chronic pain.

5. Boost your confidence 

Yoga can help men to be more confident, especially for those who are older. Strong muscle and increased flexibility can improve posture. And for a man, a solid posture will make him look stronger and more confident.

6. Avoid injury 

Most yoga classes begin with mental exercises, such as how to love the body, know the needs of the body and its limits. This helps the man to be more aware of his own body so as to reduce the incidence of injury while doing other sports. Plus, the flexibility gained from yoga will accelerate pain recovery after exercise.

7. Improve sexual performance 

As explained, yoga can make the body more flexible and the stress level decreases. These two things will help the performance in the bed for the better. In addition, yoga can regulate blood flow so that it affects the passion of sexual arousal.

8. Calming the mind

The breathing exercises in yoga, or pranayama, have been practiced for thousands of years to calm the mind. When doing pranayama, blood pressure and heart rate will decrease. This can make concentration better during yoga, and will certainly make yourself more calm throughout the day.

9. Control diet

 Control diet

According to studies conducted in 2014, routine yoga can help control diet. Someone who routinely yoga more carefully while eating. They eat more fruits and vegetables than someone who does not do yoga.


So what are you waiting for? You just need a mattress, comfortable clothes, and an open mind to start yoga. Good luck!

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