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Acne Grows in The Buttocks, What Causes it?

Acne grows on the normal face. And usually, the cause is excess oil or clogged pores by bacteria due to the cleanliness of the face that is not awake. But, what if the pimples grow on the buttocks?

Although not visible to anyone, acne on the butt will certainly make you feel uncomfortable and painful when sitting. Know what causes it so you can be more alert, so avoid this condition.

Why can pimples appear on the buttocks?

The area of the buttocks and groin is a part of the body that is easily damp because it is often closed.

Various factors affect moisture in the buttocks, such as physical activity and body sweat, excessive body weight, ambient temperature, and the type of pants that do not absorb sweat. Moist skin is a condition that supports the growth of germs and fungi.

Acne on the buttocks arises because of a bacterial infection, such as streptococcus and staphylococcus. In medical language, this condition is called a furuncle which usually occurs in skin that is poorly maintained. But apart from being unclean, furuncles can also arise due to disorders of the immune system.

Other conditions similar to acne on the buttocks

Reporting from Very Well Health, acne in the butt may not be real acne. Several other conditions resemble, so you think that it is a pimple that grows in the buttocks, one of which is folliculitis.

This condition is common and is caused by inflamed hair follicles. You have hair on almost all areas of the skin, including the buttocks. When the follicle is irritated, it will turn red, swell, and the tip will be white, so folliculitis is often thought to be acne.

This folliculitis lump is sometimes itchy and painful, especially if you are sitting. Irritation of the hair follicles can also be caused by friction or too-tight pants. Therefore, you are advised not to wear pants that are too tight.

Apart from the tight friction of clothing, the realization of hair follicles can also be triggered by bacteria that are generally in bathtubs or ponds that are not well maintained.

Tips to overcome acne on the buttocks

You can treat pimples on the buttocks with ointments or acne soap containing benzoyl peroxide. In cases of severe infection, topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics may be needed, so you should consult the condition to the doctor.

Also, the following steps are recommended so that the zits don't get worse and don't grow back:

  • Clean the groin and buttocks every day, then dry with a clean towel. You can wear pants when the skin condition is completely dry.
  • Change pants every day.
  • Avoid using towels together with other people, and wash towels frequently.
  • Avoid using pants that are too tight.
  • Lose weight. Someone who is overweight has a higher risk of fungal infection.
  • Take a shower immediately after doing physical activities that make you sweat.

When you experience acne on your buttocks, pain, itching, and difficulty sitting, you should not be tempted to scratch or break it. Because this can worsen the infection. Treat it immediately and always keep the body clean so the pimples do not reappear. If the acne is too disturbing, immediately check your condition to the doctor to get the right treatment.

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