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Adding Weight to Be More Ideal

When other people want to lose weight, it is not wrong if you want to know how to make the body become fuller. Adding weight is not an easy matter for those of you who have thin bodies.

Having a body too thin isn't always fun. This can be a problem if the cause is lack of nutrition or experiencing certain diseases. Not to mention, if you look at these conditions can worsen when you, especially women, are pregnant. However, there are healthy ways that can be taken so that you can gain weight.

First Check Your Health

The best way to gain weight depends on what causes you to lose weight or low. So before starting a weight gain program, first check whether your weight is under normal weight by calculating your body mass index. If indeed your weight is less than you should, then you might need medical attention.

Some conditions that can cause your body to lose weight from normal include:

  • Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid gland.
  • Celiac disease which makes the body unable to absorb certain nutrients from food.
  • Indigestion, such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.
  • Have cancer and undergo chemotherapy.
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.
  • Suffering from psychological disorders such as stress or depression.
  • People who suffer from the above diseases need treatment from doctors and psychiatrists if needed.

Getting More Ideal Body Contains

Apart from the medical disorders above, for those of you who want to gain weight in a healthy and safe manner can follow some of the guidelines below.

Choose healthy foods that are rich in nutrients.

The best way to get a fuller body is not to consume as much fatty food and high sugar content as possible, but to choose healthy foods with the right balanced nutritional content. Eat more fruits, vegetables, beans, and lean protein sources like tofu, and skinless chicken.

Eat more often.

People with less weight often feel full quickly. Instead of eating two to three times a day in large portions, it's better to eat 5-6 times a day in smaller portions.

Eating juice or smoothies.

You are advised to drink calories at mealtime, especially when you are not appetite to eat any snack. Smoothies are drinks made from fruit and nuts mixed with milk or yogurt and other ingredients that are combined and blended. Avoid soft drinks, coffee, and other soft drinks that do not contain nutrients. You can also replace a snack with a glass of fresh juice.

Eat snacks.

Between the main meal hours, consume nutritious snacks such as dates, boiled corn, soybeans, avocados, vegetable salads. As much as possible limit foods that are processed by frying in an oil bath if you want to gain weight.

Add calories.

Add calories to each of your meals. Sprinkle grated cheese on bread from whole grains, or scramble on your chicken soup. Even so, still be careful in choosing foods that increase calories so as not to cause excess glucose (blood sugar) or unhealthy fats in the body.

Drink while eating or 30 minutes after eating.

Drink plenty of water before eating can make the body full. Instead, drink in the middle of a meal or 30 minutes later, this will make the body absorb more calories.

Get used to exercise.

Strength training can increase body weight by forming your muscles. In addition, exercise is also beneficial to arouse your appetite. Aerobics, weight lifting, static biking, swimming, and running are sports that can be tried. Combine sports with consumption of snacks that are rich in protein, such as low-fat chocolate milk. This drink can also be consumed before going to bed.

Get enough rest.

Lack of time and quality of sleep has the potential to make the body's metabolism unable to work properly. Sleeping and waking up on time can help maintain weight.

Adding Post-Disease Weight

Pain in a long time and loss of appetite can make you lose weight. In fact, at this time the body most needs food with enough calories, protein, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to recover.

The following are some foods that are easy to digest, easy to process, and healthy to restore body condition, for example smoothies, porridge and vegetables, boiled eggs, tofu, chicken soup, whole wheat bread with cheese, milk, oatmeal porridge, boiled potatoes, boiled yams, or banana. Always cook raw meat until it's fully cooked and avoid eating raw fish.

Increasing appetite during and after illness is an effort that is not easy. The following are some tips that are expected to get you back to eating heartily, including:

  • A short walk before eating is expected to arouse your appetite.
  • Eat your favorite food.
  • Sweet foods can arouse appetite. Combine ingredients like honey and milk in your juice or smoothies.

In addition to sports and healthy eating patterns, in the market there are many vitamin supplement supplements that promise to increase weight. Find out whether the product is safe for you to consume or not.

Vitamin supplements will not be effective if you do not eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. In fact, some supplements can bring bad risks to health. But if you intend to consume it, make sure the product has been registered and consumed in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.

By following the guidelines above, you can increase your weight. And a body that is more full and healthy, is no longer just a dream.



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