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Advantages and Risks of Eating Saccharin

Saccharin is one type of artificial sweetener substitute for sugar. Even though it has a sweetness of up to 300-400 times stronger than sugar, saccharine contains low calories. This is the reason why saccharin is often used by diabetics.

Although saccharin has many advantages over sugar, you still need to be careful in consuming it, especially in large quantities, because it can cause various risks. Therefore, first, consider the benefits and risks of taking saccharine for health.

Various Benefits of Eating Saccharin

Saccharin is widely used as a sweetener in various processed foods and beverages. This is not without reason. Saccharin does have many advantages, including:

1. Can be mixed with other sweetening ingredients

One of the advantages of using saccharin as an artificial sweetener is that it can be mixed with other sweeteners. When mixed, saccharin is able to compensate for and complement the shortcomings of each of the other types of sweeteners. This mixing is generally done to keep the sweetness longer.

2. Good for diabetics

The use of saccharin can help diabetics. Because the artificial sweetener can pass through the digestive tract without being digested first, so it does not produce calories. Even so, saccharin can still trigger the release of insulin because of the sweet taste it contains.

3. Good for dental health

A study shows that the use of saccharin can prevent cavities and dental caries, in contrast to sugar which can trigger the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and disrupt the balance of acidity (pH) in the mouth.

4. Maintain weight

Saccharin can be a substitute for sugar for people who are reducing or maintaining weight but still want to taste sweet foods and drinks. Taking saccharin does not cause weight gain because it does not contain calories.

Consider the Risk of Taking Saccharin

When consumed in high concentrations, saccharin can feel bitter or cause a metal aroma. Also, there are other risks of using saccharin which needs to be known.

Although there are many types of artificial sweeteners that can be at risk for health, saccharin is considered relatively safe, as long as it is not consumed in excess. In some studies, the use of saccharin is also not proven to cause cancer (carcinogenic) in humans and does not increase blood sugar levels.

However, the use of saccharine is still not recommended for infants, children, and pregnant women, because it is feared that it can cause an allergic reaction. However, this has not been supported by sufficient evidence.

As an artificial sweetener, saccharin still needs to be consumed in a limited manner. Some people are advised not to use saccharin, related to the risk of allergies. If necessary, consult a doctor first about the rules for the safe use of saccharine.



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