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Bad dental conditions can cause oral cancer?

Regular dental care, especially in damaged teeth, needs attention. Cavities or broken teeth, for example, can no longer be ignored, especially if dental and oral problems are experienced by smokers or alcoholics. Because people with this condition are at high risk of developing oral cancer.

Oral cancer is one of the malignant diseases in the mouth. This disease can occur in the gums, lips, palate and also the mouth wall. Until now the cause of oral cancer has not been known with certainty. However, poor oral and dental hygiene and bad habits can be a major factor that can trigger oral cancer.

Habits from an early age

Therefore, early dental care is important as an effort to prevent dental and oral problems, including avoiding oral cancer. The habit of maintaining consistent dental and oral hygiene is done up to age 12, determining dental and oral health in adults.

In fact, global data shows 90 percent of adults experience dental and oral problems, while 60-90 percent of children in the world experience cavities.

Symptoms of oral cancer that can be recognized

In general, symptoms of oral cancer are difficult to detect because they are similar to other diseases so that oral cancer can only be detected after an advanced stage.

Some of the symptoms below you must be aware of if there are conditions in the mouth, such as:

  • Tooth shake suddenly
  • Sprue that doesn't heal
  • The appearance of a lump that never goes away
  • There are red or white spots on the mouth
  • Cause of mouth bleeding
  • There is a wound on the tongue
  • Swelling of the gums or surrounding tissue
  • Difficult swallowing


If these symptoms appear, immediately consult a dentist so you can get the right treatment.

For example, cavities are a disease that can attack anyone regardless of age, sex or social status. If the hole is left for a long time without care, it can certainly interfere with daily activities.

This disease is caused by oral hygiene that is not maintained so that food debris attached to the surface of the tooth and not cleaned will experience decay and cause cavities. Cavities will trigger germs to enter the teeth.

If the hole is severe and deep it can cause infection. Germs start from a dental infection and will be carried by blood vessels so that their spread becomes easy. This of course can endanger health. If cavities have experienced an infection, it is feared that it can become a continuing disease such as cancer in the mouth.

Prevention of oral cancer

Besides bad habits such as smoking - both using pipes and cigars - and chewing tobacco at risk of causing oral cancer. The habit of consuming large amounts of alcohol can also trigger the onset of the disease. For people who smoke and consume alcoholic beverages, the risk of dangers is much higher.

Handling oral cancer is the same as handling other cancers. Surgery is performed to eliminate cancer growth and follow therapy - such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy - to destroy the remaining cancer cells. It takes several teams of expert doctors to handle the condition.

Oral cancer is a preventable disease. The thing to do is to stop bad habits such as smoking or consuming alcohol. In addition to maintaining dental and oral hygiene must also be done, such as brushing your teeth regularly 2 times a day morning after breakfast and night before going to bed, cleaning tartar regularly at least once every 6 months and also routine control to find out if there are cavities or diseases other mouth.

Caring for teeth should be done since early as an effort to prevent dental problems. Routine dental care must be of concern to everyone so that damaged or perforated teeth can be overcome immediately so that you can be free from other oral diseases. Dental and oral health must always be considered to avoid health problems caused by poor dental and oral conditions.

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