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Be careful, arthritis is vulnerable to attack millennials

Millennial generation disease is unique, compared to previous generations. Lazy motion, is one of the words that is often raised by millennials so they prefer to keep quiet without moving. Not to mention, unhealthy lifestyles naturally trigger various diseases.

As a generation of productive age, you should not be complacent with the abilities of the body now. The reason is, various diseases that appear in old age are usually associated with your habits in youth.

So, now is the time for you to throw away the thought of arthritis disease only experienced by the elderly. It's time to be more careful in choosing food and maintaining adequate rest periods.

Don't know age or gender

Arthritis is known to attack more women. However, that does not mean that men are free from arthritis attacks. According to Grace Wright MD, a professor and rheumatologist from the New York Langone Medical Center, in essence the disease knows no limits. Young people, men, all have potential.

Arthritis can affect young people aged 20-40 years, and other numbers of arthritis patients over the age of 60 years. The cause is still unknown.

However, there is a general theory that links it to hormonal problems. Even so, the theory is considered inappropriate. Because, arthritis does not attack specific patients. The emergence of the general theory above is caused by the high rate of arthritis in puberty and menopausal generations.

Early symptoms of arthritis

When exposed to arthritis, usually the initial symptoms can be detected from your difficulties in everyday activities. For example: If you initially move actively, are able to do yoga poses well, can squeeze clothes tightly, or can carry lots of things, now it becomes very stiff and easily tired.

This happens because of the swelling of the joints that makes the joints stiff and you move like a robot. However, when you think that arthritis is only a matter of joint problems that restricts body movement, in reality it says otherwise.

Quoted from Reader's Digest, this inflammatory condition is thought to affect the entire body. Starting from triggering damage to the heart to causing anemia.

In addition, if the swelling is very clear, a mild fever appears, and the pain caused does not go away for 4-6 weeks, immediately see a doctor.

Common things that cause you to get arthritis

Aside from the aging process, arthritis can result from a combination of factors such as autoimmune processes, infections, injuries, and high levels of uric acid.

The inflammation process can also occur more quickly, depending on lifestyle or unhealthy habits that are often carried out by millennial generations, such as:

Having a weight above normal

Body joints will work harder to sustain the excess body load. This makes the joints wear out quickly and makes inter-bone friction easier. Obesity and arthritis are interrelated millennial diseases.

Frequent repetitive movements in one joint

Someone who works as an athlete, dancer, driver, or other profession who often needs repetitive movements, is prone to joint damage.

Eating foods high in calories and purines

Eating too much sardines, shellfish, crabs, shrimp, beef, offal, and alcoholic beverages can trigger gout which leads to joint inflammation.

Smoking and lack of physical activity

In your productive age, you will usually be busy working and losing time for regular physical activity. In addition, the amount of pressure also triggers you to become a smoker. This will have an impact on the high risk of autoimmune reactions in rheumatoid arthritis.

Multiple personality disorders

Social media cannot be separated for millennials. Whereas social media can cause multiple personalities in someone, such as Instagram feeds must look good and others.


Fear of Missing Out or excessive worried and fear of something that cannot be achieved, as well as diseases that might attack this generation. This fear often comes from social media that makes loss of confidence.


It is a concern due to not holding a smartphone in daily activities. Indeed, nowadays smartphones make life even easier. However, use it wisely, such as not holding the smartphone when you want to sleep, eating and interacting with others.

Prevent Arthritis

So that the number of joint inflammation is not higher in millennial generations, it's good for you to do the following:

  • Maintain weight
  • Avoid joint injuries while exercising.
  • Quit smoking
  • Control uric acid levels
  • Meet the needs of vitamins D, C and glucosamine which are important for maintaining joint health.


Because arthritis is proven to attack anyone regardless of age and sex, you should give attention to this disease. You don't want to, right, feel limited pain and gestures at a young age? Therefore, avoid various causes of arthritis and do various prevention tips as described above.

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