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Be Careful, These are 12 Foods That Trigger Obesity!

Who doesn't want to have the ideal body weight and body shape? Both men and women want their weight and body shape to remain ideal for all time. Especially for women, usually they will desperately maintain the weight and shape of the body to support the appearance. Usually women will be sensitive when touched on their weight. There are even some women who experience excessive stress due to thinking about their excessive weight.

Obesity can occur due to several reasons, one of which is due to excessive food intake that triggers obesity. Know the various types of food in question so you can be careful.

Various foods that trigger obesity

Food is effective to make someone become obese, both eating habits or types of food consumed. The following are some types of foods that can cause obesity, and you should avoid:

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1. Fried food

Fried food has a high potential to cause obesity. Actually what makes fried foods causes obesity is not because of the row of basic ingredients, but because the oil used for frying.

The frying process makes nutrition in food "tarnished". Because, usually the oil used for frying has saturated fat and trans fat.

2. French fries

Do you often eat fried potatoes? This food is commonly found in fast food outlets. If you are addicted to this food, beware. Because maybe you will experience an uncontrolled weight gain. Fries in restaurants that taste so delicious can harm your body.

3. Soda

Ever wondered why you gain weight so fast despite having a controlled diet? Try to remember what drinks you consume.

One drink that can cause obesity is soda. This drink is usually made from genetically modified corn syrup. High calories without nutritional value make this drink easy to increase your weight.

4. Fatty meat

Beef and pork may be delicious. But, consuming it uncontrollably can make you fat. Because, fat from meat is too heavy and dangerous for the heart if consumed in excess.

5. Fast food

Frozen foods, processed foods, and foods labeled "ready to eat" contain trans fat or high trans fatty acids. Saturated fat and trans fat are types of fat that are very bad for the human body. In addition, the use of oil in processing fried foods also makes this snack play a role in making a distended stomach.

6. Packaging fruit juice

The fruit juice prepared at home is the best. Conversely, ready-to-eat fruit juices that are usually sold in packs contain high levels of sugar and dangerous preservatives.

In fact, packaged fruit juices that claim to be 100 percent natural must also use preservatives to last longer. Not to mention the addition of colors and hazardous chemicals will also increase the health threat if you consume them.

7. Chocolate

Not all chocolate is dangerous. However, large amounts of chocolate containing sweeteners, preservatives and additives are not good for your body. Also, you should try to avoid as much white chocolate as possible because it contains lots of sugar, fat, and chemicals.

8. Processed cereals

Processed cereals that are sold in packaging are very dangerous and high in calories. In fact, cornflakes, which are claimed to help you lose weight may be packaged with additional sugar that will also cause weight gain.

9. Butter

Be careful, eating large amounts of butter can increase cholesterol levels. These ingredients also make your skin tend to become oily, which eventually causes pimples on your face.

10. Coffee with added cream or sugar

Avoid drinking coffee with extra cream and sugar. This type of drink is commonly called contemporary coffee. Even though it feels good, this drink is not good for you because it causes excessive calorie consumption and contributes to weight gain.

11. Ice cream

Ice cream is very popular with many people, ranging from children to the elderly. Ice cream is a food product derived from dairy products. But who would have thought that processed foods from milk could actually make the body fat. The content of sugar and fat contained in ice cream can actually increase body weight.

12. Mayonnaise

These mayonnaise contain a lot of fat bonds, which are contained in the ingredients, namely oil and eggs. The fat contained in mayonnaise can make the body fat. Therefore, if you want to use mayonnaise, it should only be a little.

Various types of foods and drinks that trigger obesity above you should avoid as early as possible. Although difficult to avoid, try to keep control of yourself not to consume it. It's better to increase your consumption of vegetables and reduce carbohydrate intake so that your body weight doesn't soar. Balance your healthy diet by exercising regularly to keep your body healthy and fit.

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