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Benefits of Cherries for Health

There are various benefits of cherries that are good for health. The nutritional content is very good for supporting the immune system and reducing the risk of cancer. Here's the other content and benefits of cherries that you need to know.

Cherry fruit is part of the Rosaceae family which also includes peaches, prunes and nectarines. This tiny red teasing fruit has been enjoyed as a healthy dish since the days of ancient Romans.

Cherries are classified into two types, sweet cherries and sour cherries. Sour cherries contain lower calories than sweet cherries, but contain higher levels of vitamin C and beta carotene than sweet cherries. The benefits of cherries are very closely related to the nutritional content in them. Cherries contain lots of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and phytochemicals.

Benefits of cherries for health

Protecting the Body from Free Radicals and Serious Diseases

The red color of cherries comes from the anthocyanin content, this powerful antioxidant helps protect body cells from free radicals which can trigger cancer and other serious diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, blood vessel blockage or atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and arthritis. Two other powerful antioxidants that this fruit has are hydroxycinnamic acid and perillyl alcohol. Not only that, antioxidants in cherries can reduce pain and swelling in osteoarthritis. The flavanoid content found in cherries also functions as an antioxidant that can improve the function of the immune system.

Content of Vitamin C and Potassium

Cherries are a good source of vitamin C and potassium. The benefits of cherries with its potassium content is to reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke. This mineral also helps maintain blood pressure, maintain adequate body fluids, restore muscle, maintain electrical conductivity of the nerves, digestion, heart rate, and pH balance or body acid. Meanwhile, the vitamin C content maintains the immune system and prevents cardiovascular disease, various health problems during pregnancy, eye diseases, and wrinkles on the skin.

Helps sleep faster

Already feeling tired and sleepy, but can't sleep? Some people experience this, perhaps due to hormonal imbalances in the body, stress, too many thoughts, and so on. If this condition is allowed to drag on, it can increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

Well, Tara Gidu Collingworth, RD, a nutritionist and author of the Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies, advises those of you who often have difficulty sleeping to try drinking a glass of cherry fruit juice. Because the cherry is rich in melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in regulating the wake-up cycle in the body.

This was also reinforced by a study that asked participants to drink cherry juice twice a day - that is, after waking up and before dinner. The results showed that participants could sleep longer after regularly drinking cherry juice.

Interested in trying it? You can drink half to one cup of sugar-free cherry juice one hour before going to bed.

Relieves joint pain

Joint pain or known as arthritis, it often makes sufferers feel uncomfortable. Not even often joint pain inhibits daily activities. Well, the benefits of other cherries that you can get is to help reduce pain in the joints.

A study of 20 women aged 40-70 years with joint pain complaints found that drinking cherry juice regularly twice a day for 3 weeks can significantly reduce inflammation which is the cause of joint pain.

Lower blood pressure

No less important, the benefits of cherries are unfortunately missed, which helps lower blood pressure. According to a 2016 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this is because cherries contain high levels of polyphenols. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant which is believed to be able to help lower blood pressure levels in the body.

Not only that, scientists in the UK found that cherry juice works more effectively in lowering blood pressure, which is after three hours of consumption.

Fiber content to maintain weight and reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer

With the fiber content in it, the benefits of cherries are also to lose weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, and heart disease. Fiber is also very useful for maintaining intestinal health, reducing cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar, and preventing colorectal cancer.

With its phytochemical content, cherries can help protect your body against certain enzymes that cause inflammation, so as to reduce pain in arthritis conditions and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Phytochemicals can also reduce the risk of cancer by 40% by helping to stop cell damage due to cancer-causing substances (carcinogens). Also mentioned, anti-inflammatory substances in cherries can help overcome insomnia.

Various Processed Cherry Fruits

To get the benefits of cherries, you can eat cherries in a variety of preparations, both in the form of fresh, frozen fruit, drinks, and dried fruit which are usually mixed as ingredients in food and cakes. The antioxidant content of cherry juice and dried cherries does not change when compared to fresh cherries. But in frozen cherries or canned cherries, the antioxidant content is slightly decreased. However, whatever processed cherries, in general the antioxidant content remains a lot.

Choosing and Saving Cherries

To get the maximum benefits of cherries, you must also be careful in choosing good cherries. Buy fresh, cold cherries and stems. Make sure the stem is still in good condition and fresh green. Good cherries are usually large, the surface of the cherry skin is shiny, hard and darker in color. Don't choose small, soft cherries or cherries that have surface defects.

For storage, store cherries in a refrigerator by first washing and wrapping them in plastic. Cherries stored in the refrigerator can usually last up to one week. Check regularly during storage, and dispose of cherries that have not looked fresh. Wash the cherries before consuming them.

There are many benefits of cherries for health that you can get by consuming them either in the form of fresh fruit or adding them in various food dishes. Routinely eat cherries to get their benefits optimally.



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