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Beware, Addiction social media can trigger soul disorder!

Excessive use of the internet and social media can cause mental disorders. It's a medical fact

The use of very high social media often can also cause problems on mental health. Especially if social media takes over the whole life of a person.

Psychologists say, people who use social media in sufficient quantities, he can communicate or express well. But, people who already use social media in excess, it can trigger depression.

safe now, social media like can not be released from everyday life. No doubt, social media play an important role in distributing various information, as well as a medium for interaction. It makes things feel easier, so it can be achieved only from the touch of a finger. But behind those benefits, did you know that excessive use of social media can also increase the risk of mental illness?

Social media and mental disorders

Mental disorders are a collection of abnormal states, both physically and mentally related. This situation attacks the inner side (soul), so it tends to be more difficult to detect.

The facts mention, social media is one of the triggers of mental disorders. As for some types of mental disorders due to inappropriate use of social media, namely:

1. Internet Asperger Syndrome

This mental disorder causes loss of social rules and empathy, due to excessive use of the internet. The sufferer will unknowingly behave strangely-like shouting, angry, laughing or sad-while opening the internet or social media. At the same time, they do not feel that such attitudes can disturb others around them.

2. Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet addiction disorder is another name of internet addiction. The symptoms experienced by the sufferer are isolated from family and friends, have regular time management, and spend most of his time to open the internet, social media, or playing games online.

3. Online Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder

A person who has this mental disorder will require others to continue to agree with him. So when a sufferer encounters a typing error in a comment column, he will immediately protest and attempt to correct the words.

4. Low Frustration Tolerance

This mental disorder describes someone who does not like if something he uploads in his social media get "spicy comment" from others who see it. In fact, the patient is willing to create a second social media account (fake account) just to provide all support for the main account upload.

5. Munchausen syndrome

This is a mental disorder where sufferers have a deep need to seek the attention of others. Usually, people with Munchausen syndrome will tell a fake about their health, so that people who hear will feel pity and attention to it. Sufferers also tend to have extensive knowledge about various diseases, so that he can create a story lie with more convincing.

One of the intermediaries used by people with Munchausen syndrome to launch the action is social media.

That is a mental disorder that can occur due to inappropriate use of social media. Knowing this, you should be more careful and wise in using social media and the internet in everyday life. Do not let the technology that should be able to help you just plunge you into a psychiatric problem.

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