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Beware of 9 Habits That Can Disrupt Brain Health

Difficulty concentrating, easy to forget, or slow to understand certain things? Don't rush to blame the age factor. Maybe you often do habits that risk disrupting brain health.

The brain is an organ that has a very important function and is the most sophisticated organ in the body. In order to work properly, this organ needs high-quality nutrition, such as vitamins, minerals, glucose, and antioxidants, and smooth blood flow.

Brain health can be disrupted if someone has unhealthy life habits, such as often eating unhealthy foods and excessive stress.

Nine Less Healthy Habits for the Brain

There are some habits that we unknowingly turn out to interfere with brain health, you know. The following are some negative habits that can have an adverse effect on the brain:

1. Often stay up or sleepless

Do you like to stay up late? From now on, avoid these bad habits. Sleep deprivation risks risking the brain's ability to remember and think, increasing the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

Getting enough sleep regularly can help the brain become healthier. For that, reduce the consumption of caffeine and the use of electronic devices before bedtime.

2. Often consuming unhealthy food and drinks

Intake of food consumed will also affect brain health. According to research, eating unhealthy foods can interfere with parts of the brain associated with understanding, memory, and mental health.

In addition to unhealthy food, researchers found that the high frequency of alcohol consumption, in the long run, can affect brain health.

Therefore, from now on, replace the consumption of unhealthy foods, such as fast food or sweet snacks, with foods that are healthy and contain lots of nutrients, such as fruit, vegetables, fish, olive oil, and nuts.

3. Frequent stress

Everyone must have experienced stress. Some people even experience it every day. Be careful if you are often stressed because this is one of the most common causes of brain damage. Not only brain health but often stress can also interfere with mental health.

4. Less active moves

Exercise can increase heart rate, blood flow, and oxygen to the brain, making this organ healthier. This is why people who are less active in moving or exercising are more at risk of developing brain disorders, such as dementia.

So, start diligently exercising, at least three times a week. Walking or cycling around the house for half an hour can have a good impact on brain health.

5. Smoking habits

Various studies show that smoking habits can damage brain tissue and inhibit blood flow to the brain. Smoking habits are also known to increase the risk of various diseases of the brain, such as strokes and mental disorders. Therefore, to maintain brain health, from now on stop smoking.

6. Lack of sun exposure

Too long and too often in the room without sunlight can slow the work of the brain. Schedule activities outdoors so the brain can work more optimally.

7. Too often alone

Too often shutting down from the environment and people around is not good for brain health. People who are often alone and lonely are more at risk of experiencing various health problems, such as depression, heart disease, to memory disorders.

8. Closing your head while sleeping

Sleeping with your head closed can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduce the amount of oxygen in the brain which can cause harmful effects on the brain.

9. Drink alcohol

Alcohol can damage body organs, especially the nervous system, heart and heart. This will have an impact on chemical reactions that occur in the brain. Alcohol can affect the brain in many ways, such as memory disorders and slowing down reaction time.

Meeting and interacting with other people can keep the brain active. This is why people who are actively socializing are not senile. So, no matter how busy, take the time to gather and do fun things with friends or family!

Avoiding the above habits and replacing them with more positive habits will not only make the brain healthier, but also can make you easier to remember, more productive work, and happier life. Start leaving these bad habits for better brain health.




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