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Beware of Coronavirus, This is the First Aid to Overcome It

What do you remember when you heard the word corona? Of course, this is not the type of car that was famous in the 90s. This time, we are dealing with the corona virus. Beginning in 2020, the Asian community will be shocked by the emergence of the virus. How dangerous and how to overcome it?

Where Does Corona Virus Outbreak Come From?


Do you also wonder why coronavirus can be an outbreak that needs special attention? As reported by CNN, the parasite was detected in China.

Reporting from The Guardian, about 41 people were diagnosed with pneumonia at almost the same time. The sufferers live near the Wuhan City fish market, China. At that time, the cause was still mysterious.

Seven people are still in critical condition. Meanwhile, based on laboratory analysis, health officials in China and the World Health Organization (WHO) have concluded that infections similar to pneumonia are caused by coronaviruses.

The latest data states that two coronavirus patients were edited. Meanwhile, five other people are still in critical condition. Then, 12 people were declared cured and were discharged from the hospital.

Why is the World Beware of Corona Virus?


Coronavirus is one of the concerns of the current government. This is because these parasites have reached Thailand and Japan after previously spreading in China. Meanwhile, the world community also traveled to the two countries. So, there is a possibility that the virus can move to unnoticed tourists.

Reporting from The New York Times, a coronavirus patient was reportedly detected in Thailand last week. The patient had previously visited the Wuhan area. Take a walk in traditional markets where some items may be sold infected with the parasite.

Similar reports related to coronavirus patients also came from Japan. A man from China who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture tested positive for mysterious pneumonia.

The man developed a fever after traveling to Wuhan City, China. However, this coronavirus patient had recovered after five days. It is these few cases outside of China that keep the world on guard.

How to Corona Virus Infection?

This virus is still a family with MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

For information, the word corona in the virus comes from Latin which means crown. Named corona follows the shape of the virus which when viewed using a microscope looks like a crown.

The coronavirus was first isolated in 1965. The virus was taken from the nasal fluid of a child with cold symptoms. Usually, colds are caused by Rhinovirus or influenza virus.

But unfortunately, until now doctors are still difficult to distinguish between symptoms of rhinovirus infection, influenza virus, and coronavirus.

This Coronavirus attacks into breathing. So this disease is like a cold, but a severe version if you can say. Coronavirus can be transmitted from animals to people. Usually, the animals in question are from cats. However, there is a possibility that it could also be from humans. For example, through sneezing or exposure to snot sufferers.

Related symptoms, coronavirus resembles the common cold, such as fever, cough. However, this virus usually causes sufferers to experience shortness of breath, aka very difficult to breathe. Until if severe can cause pneumonia, infection in the lungs.

Because it looks like a common cold, this disease is very dangerous. We usually don't know whether or not corona. If it is truly affected, it must be isolated immediately for fear of spreading. To prevent this, don't go to an endemic country. Make sure to wash your hands, keep it clean, and wear a mask the main way to prevent it.

Be careful eating raw meat because it can be spread from animals. Although most of these viruses occur because of cats.

First Aid If Corona Virus Infected

Surely no one wants to get this disease. Because this disease is very dangerous. Being dangerous because it looks like the ordinary flu that makes us often underestimate it.

If you get coronavirus, there is the first aid you can do. Here is how.

  • Enough rest. Don't move before you recover.
  • Drink lots of water. It is recommended for eight glasses per day.
  • Take fever-reducing medications, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

If the situation is difficult due to very shortness of breath, the coughing of the sputum is very severe, and the loss of consciousness must be immediately taken to the hospital. This is because people affected by this virus must be isolated.

Yes in this case vigilance is the most important thing of all of us. If you find yourself or someone around you who has the flu and complained about shortness of breath, immediately take treatment to the doctor to confirm the disease.

Don't hesitate to ask about the coronavirus to the doctors. Let's increase alertness by strengthening body health.

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