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Beware of high cholesterol with high blood pressure

Do you have high cholesterol? You should also be aware of your blood pressure because the two are related. Usually, people with high cholesterol levels secretly also have high blood pressure.

One of the health problems that many people fear is 7 Good fats for high cholesterol sufferers. How not, if the level of bad cholesterol or LDL exceed normal levels, then the blood vessels will be at risk of blockage that can affect heart disease or stroke. To find out how much cholesterol levels in the body, it's good we do routine health checks. However, if we experience these symptoms in the body, it's good we are wary of increased levels of cholesterol.

Danger of High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the fat needed by the body for the raw materials of hormone formation, vitamin D, and forming cells and tissues remain healthy. Most cholesterol sources are obtained from food consumed. If you eat a lot of foods high in cholesterol, of course the impact of cholesterol in the blood will increase.

High cholesterol levels can increase a person's risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Why is that?

When cholesterol levels are high in blood, excess cholesterol can lead to buildup in the walls of the blood vessels and make the walls of blood vessels narrow and clogged. As a result blood flow becomes not smooth. The danger, if this blockage occurs in the blood vessels of the heart or brain that can trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Here are some of the high cholesterol consequences you need to know:

  • Tingling: When blood is difficult to reach the nerve endings due to blockage, it will happen what is often called the tingling. This condition can continue until a person experiences a sense of immunity or numbness.
  • Headaches: People who have high cholesterol may feel headaches more often than people with normal cholesterol. Whether it's a gripping pain, migraine, or vertigo.
  • Coronary heart disease: When there is atherosclerosis (artery blockage) that occurs in blood vessels located in the heart, it can happen what is called coronary heart disease. It can be a very deadly and dangerous disease.
  • Stroke: Disease due to damage to brain cells can occur when the blood vessel passing through the brain is blocked. Stroke also increases the risk in those who have high blood pressure.
  • Impotence: Due to high cholesterol for men is a high risk of impotence. This happens when there is a blockage that occurs in the blood vessels that go to the genitals.

If your blood cholesterol level increases, it is important to monitor blood pressure as well. Usually, people with high blood cholesterol also have high blood pressure.

Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure and cholesterol are likened to when you water a plant. Imagine a water hose as a blood vessel and tap water as the heart. When you want to water a small plant, you will certainly set the tap water with low pressure (so that water out small and not tight) so as not to damage small plants.

Meanwhile, when you want to water the bushes or larger plants, you must turn the tap water rather large so that the process of watering the plants more quickly and effectively.

When the inside of the water hose becomes rusty or there is a blockage, the process of watering the plants you do will be more difficult. You also have to turn the tap larger to achieve the desired pressure, so the amount of water that comes out is still appropriate to water the plants.

Just like blood pressure and cholesterol. When there is a blockage in the blood vessel wall by plaque (due to high cholesterol levels), the heart will work harder to pump blood to get through the clogged and hardened blood vessel wall. The result is clear, blood pressure will increase.

Over time, high blood pressure can damage blood vessels. Damage to the walls of blood vessels then becomes a 'nest' that is convenient for excess cholesterol to accumulate. So damage to blood vessel walls due to high blood pressure can cause the buildup of cholesterol plaque to gain weight.

Both of these conditions are like 'enemies' for bodies that work together to damage the heart and overall health of the body. Not only heart, blood pressure and high cholesterol can also cause damage to kidney organs, eyes, brain, and other organs.

For that, if you have high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, it is important to keep your lifestyle healthy. In terms of diet, if you still like snacking fried at night for example, less slowly.

Do not forget to apply health in everyday so that high cholesterol and high blood pressure can be controlled, namely regular check cholesterol, supervise intake and diet, enjoy life without cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, active exercise, weight control and avoid stress, and supplemented with the consumption of foods or beverages containing stanol plant (currently, the stanol plant is also easy to find in the form of practical packaging on the market).

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