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Beware of Implementing Blood Type O, A, B, AB Diets

Various types of diets for weight loss are now widely circulated. One of them is the blood type diet. As the name suggests, the diet is based on blood type. One of the initiators of the blood type diet is Peter D'Adamo, a naturopathic doctor. He believes that blood type affects the digestive system.

The underlying theory is that each blood group digests lectins differently. Lectins are a type of protein. If the lectin content of food does not match with blood type, it can trigger flatulence, inflammation, slowing metabolism, and other diseases such as cancer.

Suggested Procedures

The three food categories in a blood type diet are beneficial, neutral, and must be avoided. Neutral food will be considered as an intake for the body. While beneficial foods are considered to work as medicines, and foods that must be avoided, as poisons.

1. Healthy Blood Type A Diet

A healthy diet for blood type A is advised to consume meat-free foods, aka vegetarian. The characteristics of blood type A have a thick consistency of blood which makes it difficult to spread. This slow blood circulation can accumulate impurities in the walls of the arteries and cause various diseases. Because it is better, blood type A meets the body's needs with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Protein sources should also come from vegetable types such as beans.

2. Healthy Blood Type B Diet

If blood type B has restrictions on the type of flesh. Blood type B can be freer to choose the type of food. A healthy diet for blood type B is recommended to consume green vegetables, eggs, meat, and low-fat milk. But there are also restrictions on food such as chicken, corn, tomatoes, wheat, and sesame.

3. Healthy Blood Type AB Diet

This third blood type has a slight tendency to develop an ear and respiratory diseases. Therefore, selective food selection is needed. For a healthy diet, blood type AB is recommended to consume seafood, such as sea fish, squid, shrimp, and shellfish. Also accompanied by a balanced consumption of vegetables and milk. You should avoid foods that contain caffeine, processed meat, liquor, corn, and kidney beans.

4. Healthy Blood Type O Diet

The last blood type is blood type O. This blood type has a susceptibility to allergies, so you should avoid consuming red beans. Besides the processed flour products that contain gluten also should not be eaten because it can interfere with metabolism and interfere with digestion. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Criticism of this theory is mainly about the lack of supporting scientific evidence. Also, various difficulties arise during its application, including the absence of measurements of calories or fat, and the weight of undergoing a blood type diet for the long term with limited types of food.

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Referral Type of Sports

Not just limiting food intake, this blood type diet also suggests how a person should exercise.

  • Sports that require endurance, such as running, are called the right choice for blood type O.
  • In contrast, blood type A is recommended to choose calming exercises, such as golf or yoga.
  • Meanwhile, blood group B is advised to exercise with moderate intensity, such as walking, climbing, and tennis.
  • Blood type AB is a blend of calming exercise and at a medium intensity.

In fact, like dietary rules, the rules of exercise based on blood type have not yet received the support of scientific evidence in medicine.

Risk of Blood Type Diet

Dietary recommendations based on blood type should be watched out for when it is applied by people with certain diseases, such as diabetes and kidney disease. Keep in mind that this diet method does not consider a person's overall health condition, but only based on one factor, namely blood type. This diet also does not consider if a person suffers from a condition of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Until now there has been no successful research proving this diet can help improve the performance of the digestive system or make the body more energized.

Weight loss with this blood type diet is likely to occur because the culprit reduces the consumption of unhealthy foods such as fast food and which contain lots of sugar. This means the success of losing weight is not based on blood type but on food choices.

Blood type diets with restrictions on the type of food that is a too strict risk of making a person experiencing conditions due to lack of nutrition. For example osteroporosis due to lack of calcium, anemia due to lack of iron, and various vitamin deficiencies.

Although it sounds interesting, this diet is not recommended, because it has not been supported by scientific evidence. One of the risks of this diet is the difficulty of meeting nutritional needs completely because of the prohibition of consuming certain types of food. Some people claim to feel healthier after undergoing this blood type diet, but that does not mean this is absolute because of the match between blood type and diet, but rather because of the food chosen and the lifestyle lived is healthier.

If now you are trying to lose weight, you should choose a diet plan that has been supported by scientific evidence. Do sports in accordance with the conditions and abilities of your body. If necessary, consult a nutritionist and doctor to get the best advice.



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