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Beware, this eight trivial it turns serious disease symptoms!

Apparently, eight things that are often ignored this can be a symptom of serious illness. Anything? Find out more here.

Little things matter! Yes, paying attention to the little things that happen to the body (which are often overlooked) can help you identify and overcome the possibility of serious dangerous illness symptoms while still at an early stage.

Launched from the Bright Side page, here are eight minor changes in physical appearance, or behavior, which could be a sign of a serious illness in your body.

1. Red-eye effect on the photo

Red-eye effect (eyes) red on the photo caused by the use of flash in dark place. At that time, the pupils do not have enough time to adjust to the situation when the flash is on.

The existence of the red-eye effect on the photo is definitely very disturbing the photo display. Basically the occurrence of red-eye effect is due to the flash of light that enters the eye, to the back of the eyeball that contains blood vessels. That's why the red color is bouncing, back out and caught by the camera.

If what happens is the occurrence of one red eye and white color on the other eye, this condition indicates something is blocking the blood vessels. Chances are cataracts, walleye squint eye, eye infections, and the worst is eye cancer. So, do not underestimate the red-eye effect on the photo!

2. Periodic light flashes periodically

Still around the eyes, if you see flashes of light (flashes) in place and at moments that should not, it could be a sign of damage to the retina of the eye. If this flash of light (also often described as a stellar or lightning explosion) accompanied by headaches or dizziness, it is better to consult your doctor immediately to get the right treatment.

3. The black line on the nail

In England, a woman goes to a manicurist to get nail care, whose specification is to polish her nails with nail polish to cover the vertical black line on one of her nails. Instead of getting the desired nail care, the manucurist advised him to go to the doctor because of the black line on his nails. After the examination, the woman was suffering from skin cancer.

The black line on the nail is in medical terms called melanonikia. This condition is not a disease, but it is a sign of a serious illness in the body. For the record, this black line could be a sign of something serious happening in the bodies of European races, which for other races is a normal thing that need not be feared.

Melanonikia can be found in normal circumstances that do not require treatment. However, this situation can also be found in pregnancy, vitamin B12 deficiency, hyperthyroidism, systemic lupus disease, black race, nail trauma, nail inflammation, proriasis, fungal infections, and skin cancer. If you find a black line on the nail, it is better to consult a dermatologist for direct examination.

4. Handwriting changes suddenly

If your handwriting changes suddenly, it could be a sign of Parkinson's disease or tremor paralysis. In this disease, handwriting is known to change suddenly, become uneven, small, with writing down, even the loss of certain letters. This condition is related to the fact that the person is trying to control the tremor in his hand.

5. A strong desire to record everything in the journal

Writing an idea or plan is a good habit of someone who is disciplined. However, if there is someone who has never done it before, then suddenly felt the need to keep records for a reason often forgotten, this is a bad sign. There is a possibility that this condition is caused by a deteriorating short-term memory. This could be one of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

The first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease appear to be forgotten and often confused. As time goes by, Alzheimer's will progressively progress and "seize" your memory, especially memory or short-term memory.

6. Always feel thirsty

Feel thirsty

If you feel constantly thirsty despite drinking a lot, even drinking more than usual, this may be a symptom of poisoning. This condition can be caused by several factors, ranging from a hangover to a tumor that "poison" the body.

It is said again, often thirsty complaints can be caused by the following things:

  • Eat spicy or salty foods
  • Certain diseases
  • Heavy physical activity
  • Great diarrhea and vomiting
  • Burns
  • Lost blood loss
  • Take certain medications such as diuretin and antipsychotics


If these complaints are felt continuously, this may be a sign of more serious conditions such as:

  • Dehydration from illness, excessive sweating, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar) or diabetes inspirus (the body can not regulate fluid properly)
  • Heart failure, liver, or kidney
  • Sepsis, which is a complete infection of the body

Therefore, if you experience an abnormal thirst moreover that is felt continuously, do not ignore this body signal and immediately make an appointment with the doctor.

7. Pain in the navel area

The appendicitis attack is common but still frightening. Interestingly, scientists can still know for sure the cause, and they tend to think that everyone who suffers from this disorder has its own cause.

However, please note that the initial symptoms of appendicitis is a piercing pain in the navel area, then spread slowly to the right side of the stomach within 24 hours. This movement even has its own name: Kocher's symptoms. If you experience it, immediately call an ambulance.

If the pain stops suddenly, do not be fooled as usual it could be just a moment. It could be a sign of peritonitis.

The appendix may break if it is handled late. If it breaks, the appendix will spread in the abdominal cavity and cause infection throughout the lining of the abdominal cavity. This condition is called peritonitis. Symptoms are severe pain throughout the abdomen, stiff abdomen like boards, vomiting, can not waste air, and can not defecate. Treatment of peritonitis patients is by surgery.

8. Flatulence


Many people experience flatulence due to stress, dehydration, and overeating. Sometimes the feelings that arise cause discomfort. This condition may indicate minor disturbances such as constipation or bacterial growth of the small intestine. If you have a flatulence, all you can do is try to search what product causes stomach bloating and then try to stop taking it.

However, in other cases, it is possible that flatulence is a sign of a serious illness, such as celiac disease, dumping syndrome, and even ovarian cancer. So, if the flatulence is accompanied by changes in the habit of constant bowel movements, there are bulges around the buttocks or stomach, or weight loss is not known cause, immediately check to the doctor.

The eight points above are often considered trivial and tend to be ignored. Many do not realize that even the slightest change in the body may be a symptom of serious, life-threatening illness if left alone. If you experience one or more of the above, so you feel uncomfortable or accompanied by other complaints, check with your doctor immediately for the right treatment.

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