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Appearance may be young, but biological age determine body age actually

Lay people believe that new signs of aging will begin to show up in middle age. However, from a recent study revealed that the biological changes that accompany the aging process can actually be seen earlier.

For this study, researchers involved 954 people born in New Zealand in the period 1972-1973. They then focused on the observation of 18 biological indicators related to aging in each participant.

These 18 indicators include kidney, liver and lung function, dental hygiene, vascular condition in the eye, metabolic and immune system function, fitness level, cholesterol level, even up to telomere length or a kind of 'protective cap' at the ends of chromosomes that tend to shorten each time a person's age increases.

Observations were made in three periods, each time the participants were 26, 32 and 38 years old. The result is surprising, because the researchers found that when entering the age of 38 years, the biological age of the participants varied greatly. Some are still at the end of 20 years, but some are close to 60 years.

Researcher Prof. Terrie Moffitt from Duke University, Northern California suggests that most participants have the same biological age as their chronological age, so one year of biological age for one year of chronological age.

But there are also some participants who have shown signs of aging at the beginning of the study, or when he was only 26 years old. "For one year of chronological age, the biological age of these men is equivalent to three years," he said.

Whereas according to Prof. Moffitt, this condition is not uncommon, because normally the biological age of a person is only a few years away from chronological age. And this is confirmed by the researchers to perform tests to determine the brain function participants.

"Those whose biological age is more 'old' than their chronological age tend to have poor test scores, including when undergoing balance and coordination tests, because their test results do not match their age," he said.

Unfortunately from this experiment Prof Moffitt has not been able to find an explanation of the mechanism of the biological age rate itself. But from these findings, he hopes to find a method to slow the rate of aging while preventing the emergence of a disease that usually accompanies aging itself.

"In the end we may be able to slow down aging while preventing the emergence of the disease that accompanies it by intervening in the younger generation as early as possible," he concluded as quoted by the BBC.

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