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Canker Sores Appears in Genitals, Here are 4 Causes

If you hear the word canker sores, most people think that its appearance is definitely in the oral cavity. Not wrong, but canker sores can also occur in other body parts, such as the genitals. There are a lot of risk factors and the causes of canker sores coming to the genitals.

Problems with the genitals, both men and women, are considered sensitive. Venereal disease is always associated with diseases due to sexual relations (sexually transmitted disease or STD). In fact, not all problems in the genitals are caused by sexual infections.

Based on epidemiology globally, venereal disease, especially those that provide symptoms such as canker sores, occurs in more than 20 million cases. Most attack men and women in the age range of 14-49 years.

Causes of canker sores in the genitals

Actually there are many complaints of health problems in the genitals. However, the most frequent treatment for a health facility is canker sores around the genitals, which can be accompanied by pain and a burning sensation.

Here are some causes that often underlie the presence of canker sores around the genitals.

1. Genital herpes

Genital herpes is caused by type 2 herpes simplex virus infection (HSV-type 2). This disease can also be caused by HSV type 1, but this type is usually associated with oral sexual contact. Whereas HSV type 2 virus transmission, originated from direct genital sexual contact.

Initially, genital herpes will cause lesions such as canker sores that number more than one and feel very painful, although in some cases pain may not occur.

The location of canker sores is quite typical, namely around the vaginal labia, around the foreskin penis, and around the anus.

Before the canker sores appeared, in some cases 48 hours were reported complaints such as fever, unclear pain around the genitals that spread to the thigh and buttocks area.

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2. Syphilis

Syphilis is a systemic disease caused by spirochaeta infection, Treponema pallidum. Broadly speaking, there are two broad categories of syphilis, namely congenital (transmitted from mother to fetus in the womb) and syphilis acquired due to transmission from sexual intercourse, syringes, and contaminated blood products.

In syphilis, there are several phases of the course of the disease. While canker sores in the genitals are the initial (primary) phase of the infection.

What distinguishes it from other diseases, canker sores that appear in number 1 or solitary, not accompanied by pain, and accompanied by swollen lymph glands around the groin.

The primary phase can last up to 3 weeks. Next is the secondary phase, more complex signs and symptoms will appear. Such conditions such as skin abnormalities in the palms and feet, mucosa, visual disturbances, to infections in the central nervous system.

3. Chancroid

Chancroid (ulcer mole) is caused by a bacterial infection Haemophilus ducreyi. This infection has the appearance of canker sores that are not round in shape, the surface is flat like a plate, basically easy to bleed and very painful.

This chancroid infection is easily found in the prepuce and penis frenulum in men, or around the vaginal vulva in women. Not infrequently, this infection is also accompanied by the appearance of a thick liquid from the genitals that smell bad.

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4. Behçet's syndrome

Not only related to sexually transmitted infections, canker sores on the genitals can also occur in other conditions such as Behçet's syndrome. This autoimmune disease is characterized by the appearance of canker sores on the oral and genital mucosa, as well as the presence of inflammation in the uvea area of the eye which can lead to blindness.

This syndrome is rare, the prevalence is only 0.12-0.33 cases out of 100,000 people. In Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China, there are 13-20 cases per 100,000 population.

Besides being associated with sexual infections, the appearance of canker sores in the genitals can also occur due to autoimmune diseases. To prevent this, protect yourself with a condom during sex, be loyal to your partner, and check your health if disturbing complaints arise around the genitals.

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