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Causes of Atheroma Cysts To Easily Deal With It

The atheroma cyst is a closed sac containing oil (sebum) and small granules of keratin located behind the surface of the skin. Cysts formed by obstruction of oil glands in this skin can be cured by small surgery or a laser.

Atheroma cysts are like lumps or bumps, which often appear on the face, scalp, neck, or body. These cysts occur when sweat glands or hair follicles experience blockages. Small cysts are generally not painful, but if they get bigger they can make the sensation uncomfortable, and sometimes pain may arise. You who often have acne have a greater risk of developing atheroma cysts.

Causes of Atheroma Cysts

Atheroma cysts can form when the oil glands or ducts (sebaceous glands) are damaged or blocked. This is what makes atheroma cysts also referred to as sebaceous cysts. Sebaceous gland is a gland that secretes oil called sebum which functions to coat the skin and hair.

The cause of the blockage and damage is a history of injuries, such as surgical scars, scratches, and pimples in the area of the atheroma cyst. Atheroma cysts tend to grow slowly. Therefore, sometimes you can unconsciously suffer from this cyst due to the trauma that occurred a few weeks ago.

In addition to blockage of the sebaceous glands, atheroma cysts can also be caused by a number of things below:

  • There is damage to skin cells caused by the operating procedure.
  • Genetic factors, such as Gardner's syndrome or basal cell naevus syndrome.
  • Damage to sebaceous gland channels.

Danger of Ateroma Cysts

Atheroma cysts usually have a dark curve or patch in the middle which is the mouth of a blocked gland. Even though you do not feel disturbed by the existence of this cyst, it is better if any lumps on the new skin grow or changes in the skin of the body, should be examined by a dermatologist to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Based on the area of the skin that often gets disorders, atheroma cysts or sebaceous cysts are divided into two types. If a cyst is present in the upper layer of skin cells it is called an external cyst (epidermal cyst). Meanwhile, if this cyst is present in the cell follicles of the hair follicle, it is called a pillar cyst.

Handling of Ateroma Cysts

The majority of atheroma cysts do not need treatment or cause other problems. But to prevent infection and scars, never squeeze a cyst. In addition, you can compress the cyst using a towel that has been moistened with warm water so that the cyst fluid comes out and gradually heals.

But if the atheroma cyst increases or causes a disturbing complaint, you can go to a doctor to treat atheroma cysts, here are the things doctors can do to treat atheroma cysts:

  • Injection

Doctors will inject atheroma cysts with drugs that can reduce swelling and inflammation.

  • Incisions and desludging

The doctor can make a small incision in the atheroma cyst and slowly remove the cyst. This method is easy to do, but the cyst can grow back after this treatment.

  • Laser

The doctor can use a laser to puncture the atheroma cyst and remove the contents in it. Cyst skin will be removed about a month later.

  • Minor operation

The doctor can remove all atheroma cysts with minor surgery. This operation is declared safe and effective in preventing atheroma cysts from growing back in the future.

You are advised to seek medical advice immediately if an atheroma cyst grows on your fingers, enlarges quickly, ruptures, aches, shows up, or interferes with your appearance. Doctors can provide a variety of treatment options to treat atheroma cysts quickly, effectively, and with minimal risk.



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