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Early signs of pregnancy twins that can be observed

Twin pregnancy is an extraordinary gift, rarely happens but there are so many couples who want it. Did You Know, When the mother is pregnant, twin pregnancies turn out to have features that we can observe. What are the characteristics of conceiving twins? let's find the answer here.

For those who crave twins, you may be curious about the twin pregnancy characteristics. Basically the characteristics of pregnancy in general are not much different, but there are some things that may be more pronounced during pregnancy twins.

There are a variety of reasons why a marriage partner wants twins, such that their child can instantly have friends, to quickly have a big family, or just for exclamations. Couples and even some who come to the obstetrician to do the program how to 'make' twins.

The characteristics of pregnant twins can actually be known since the age of first trimester of pregnancy. For example, from the intensity of nausea or morning sickness commonly experienced pregnant women.

Typical Features Appear

Here are some of the twin pregnant features that usually appear:

Morning sickness is heavier

Although nearly 70% of pregnant women experience morning sickness, pregnancy twins tend to cause more severe morning sickness. This occurs because the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone levels in twin pregnancies is higher when compared to single pregnancies.

The belly looks bigger

At the same gestational age, the size of a pregnant woman's twin stomach tends to look larger when compared to a normal pregnancy. This is because there are two fetuses in the developing abdomen.

Drastic weight gain

If early in pregnancy, weight gain is quite drastic, could be a sign of multiple pregnancies. Differences in weight between pregnant twins with normal pregnancies can reach 4.5 kilograms (kg) in the same gestational age.

Feel very uncomfortable

Multiple pregnancies can be more uncomfortable than a single pregnancy. Discomfort can be a sore during pregnancy in the leg or back, resulting from extreme weight gain in multiple pregnancies.

Often short of breath

Shortness of breath experienced by pregnant women twins will feel worse when compared to normal pregnancy. Because in addition to high levels of influenced hormone progesterone in the body, the presence of two fetus in the womb can make diagfragma pushed, and cause pregnant women twins become uncomfortable when breathing.

Feeling very tired

Fatigue in pregnant women is actually a natural thing to happen. But in twin pregnancies, fatigue tends to feel heavier than a single pregnancy. This is probably because the body needs more energy to meet the nutritional intake for two or more fetuses in the womb. In addition, the content will also feel more severe as the development of twin pregnancy, which is certainly more severe than a single pregnancy.

The heart beats faster

The addition of weight, the presence of twins contained, and an increase in blood volume of up to 70% in twin pregnancies can cause the heart to work harder. Maybe, you will feel the beat of the heart beat more quickly resemble when exercising.

Mood Changes

Moodiness, it becomes easy to cry and feel mentally unstable. Again, unstable mood is a common symptom of pregnancy, but when pregnant with twins, this condition tends to be more extreme.

High AFP levels

Alfa Feto Protein or AFP is a protein released by the fetus as it develops and is found in the mother's blood. AFP levels can increase high when there are more than one fetus in the womb. AFP examination can be done at 16 to 18 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period. This AFP examination can detect more than half of twin pregnancies.

How to Ensure Pregnant Twins Children?

The list above is some of the characteristics of pregnant twins that can be a reference or suspicion. In addition to looking at some of these characteristics, twin pregnancies can be known with certainty through the following checks:

1. Fetal Heart Rate Examination

Two fetal heartbeats that are far apart can be known when the gestational age has entered the age of 12 weeks, and when the age of pregnancy has entered the age of 28 weeks is possible to distinguish two heads contained in the womb

2. Ultrasound examination

Ultrasonography or ultrasound is a pregnancy examination using utrasonic sound waves. Ultrasound examination is a pregnancy examination that is currently used as a tool that has a level of accuracy close to 100%. If pregnant women have confidence is experiencing a twin pregnancy then ultrasound examination can be done since early pregnancy. Using an ultrasound, a specialist can see two heartbeats and two fetuses in the womb.

For pregnant women especially the first time containing twins do not have to worry whether the baby can be born born normally or will be born by cesarean operation, because if the condition of the mother and fetus in good health, the mother can certainly bear the fetus with normal and not requires caesarean section.

Although the above things often become characteristics of pregnancy twins, but still need further examination of ultrasound by obstetricians to ensure it. In addition, it is important to maintain the best possible health to avoid pregnancy complications.

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