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Coffee Turns Out It Can Make Skin Healthier

Do you have a habit of drinking coffee every day? Yes, regular lifestyle of consuming coffee is starting to become more and more in demand. In addition to the delicious taste, many people drink coffee to improve concentration and mood for work. But it turns out coffee has other benefits, which can make the skin healthier.

Coffee also contains flavonoids and polyphenols which are very good for the body. With all these important ingredients, there is no reason to say that coffee is a bad effect on health. Even coffee can prevent various skin problems such as dry and dull.

The following are some good benefits of coffee for the health of your skin.

1. Protect the skin from rosacea

Rosacea is a skin inflammation characterized by acne-like spots with a reddish skin base. By most people, rosacea is often considered a type of acne.

A study involving 82,737 people was published in JAMA Dermatology. The study shows that people who consume caffeine from coffee have a lower risk of experiencing rosacea. It is not yet clear what caused this. However, it is suspected that caffeine causes reduced inflammation in the skin.

2. Reducing the risk of skin cancer

Coffee is one drink that contains vitamin B3 (niacin) which is high. This is especially true for coffee from roasted coffee beans. In this type of coffee, there is a substance called trigonelin which is converted into vitamin B3 after the coffee beans are roasted.

Vitamin B3 contributes to reducing the risk of skin cancer, especially the types of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. In addition, vitamin B3 is also thought to prevent the growth of other tumors in the skin.

3. Reducing panda eyes

Panda eyes are dark circles around the eyes, especially in the area under the eyes. Although not many studies have proven it, the caffeine content in coffee can chemically dilate blood vessels so it is believed to reduce the darkness of dark circles around the eyes.

To get these benefits, it is necessary to make a concoction of coffee with olive oil by mixing half a teaspoon of coffee with olive oil and mix it until evenly in the palm of your hand. After that, apply it on the part that has panda eyes without needing to be rubbed. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse around the eyes with water until clean.

4. Stimulates skin regeneration

Coffee that is applied to the skin can help remove dead skin and stimulate skin regeneration. This can help skin look fresher. In addition, if coffee is applied with a good skin massage technique, the flow of lymph nodes can also be smoother so that the skin is healthier.

To get this benefit, coffee needs to be made into a kind of mask in a simple way, namely by mixing coffee powder with a little warm water. If you have dry skin, you can add a little olive oil to the mixture. Next, apply the coffee mask to the skin that has been cleaned. Avoid rubbing the skin too hard, but simply massage it gently. After a few minutes, rinse the skin clean.

In order to maximize the usefulness, it is very good to drink coffee without using sugar. Also try not to use whipping cream. This is important because sugar and whipping cream can actually cause diseases such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Meanwhile, if you want to apply coffee to the skin, any coffee can be used as long as it is not decaf coffee. This is because the benefits of a good coffee mask for the skin actually come from the caffeine contained in it.

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