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Common Types of Mental Disorders Occur

Many people experience mental health problems due to various life problems. If not treated immediately, this condition risks developing into mental illness. Many kinds of mental illness, ranging from drug addiction, to personality disorders.

Mental illness is a mental disorder that affects the mood, mindset, and behavior in general. Someone called experiencing mental illness, if the symptoms experienced make him depressed and unable to carry out normal daily activities.

The characteristics of people who experience mental illness can vary depending on the type. But in general, people who experience mental disorders can be identified by certain symptoms, such as mood changes that are very drastic from very sad to very happy or otherwise, feeling excessive fear, withdrawing from social life, often feeling very angry to like doing violence, and experience delusions. Sometimes, these symptoms are also accompanied by physical disorders, such as headaches, back pain, abdominal pain, or other unexplained pain.

Causes of Mental Illness

The cause of a mental illness is often unknown. Mental illness can be motivated by various things. Generally caused by genetic factors, environmental factors, or a combination of various factors, including:

  • Natural chemical compounds in the brain called neurotransmitters function to carry messages to parts of the body and brain. Changes in chemical reactions can have an impact on mood and various aspects of mental health.
  • Have a blood family with a history of mental illness. Certain genes can increase a person's risk of experiencing mental illness. Its appearance can be triggered by life problems experienced by sufferers of mental illness.
  • Exposure to viruses, poisons, liquor, and drugs while in the womb can be linked to the causes of mental illness.
  • Experiencing a traumatic event, such as having experienced rape or being a victim of a natural disaster.
  • Using illegal drugs.
  • Live a stressful life, such as financial difficulties, divorce, or sadness due to family members who have died.
  • Having chronic diseases, such as cancer.
  • Having brain damage.
  • Have little or no friends, and feel alone.
  • Have experienced mental illness before.

The above are risk factors that can make a person more likely to suffer from mental illness. Find a solution as soon as possible, if you or someone around you has one or more of the above conditions, to prevent his condition from deteriorating until he becomes mentally ill.

What can be categorized as a mental illness?

There are many health conditions that can be categorized as mental illness. Each group can be divided into more specific types. Here are some conditions that often occur:

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Anxiety disorders

Someone who experiences anxiety disorders responds to certain objects or situations with feelings of fear, panic, sweating, and a faster heartbeat. It is called a disorder if they cannot control these symptoms and have disturbed their daily lives. Anxiety disorders can also be phobias of certain situations, social anxiety disorders, or panic disorders.

Personality disorder

Those who experience personality disorders generally have extreme and stiff characters that tend not to be in accordance with the habits of society, such as antisocial or paranoid.

Affective or mood disorders

People who experience mood disorders can constantly feel sad, feel too happy for a certain period, or have a feeling of being very happy and very sad that alternately fluctuates. The most common forms of this condition are bipolar disorder, depression, and cyclomytic disorders, where there is a change in mood from pleasure to sadness but in mild levels.

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