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Corona Virus Infection in Pregnant Women

Coronavirus infection in pregnant women can not only cause severe symptoms in the mother but also risks endangering her baby. Therefore, precautions need to be taken so that pregnant women are not easily infected with the coronavirus.

Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that attacks the respiratory system. This virus is transmitted from human to human. Transmission from animals may occur, but no animals have been found that can certainly transmit this virus.

Coronavirus infection is characterized by several symptoms, such as fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. In severe conditions, this viral infection can cause acute respiratory failure, pneumonia (severe lung infection), pulmonary edema, malfunctioning of organs, to death.

Facts about Coronavirus Infection in Pregnant Women

Experts are still studying the effect of COVID-19 or Coronavirus infection in pregnant women. However, changes in the immune system that occur in pregnancy can make pregnant women more vulnerable to Coronavirus infection and more at risk of experiencing severe and fatal disease symptoms.

Also, high fever that occurs due to COVID-19 in the first trimester of pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects in children.

The viruses that cause COVID-19 come from the same class of viruses as the viruses that cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle-East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Based on past events, pregnant women with SARS or MERS are also at higher risk of miscarriage or giving birth to premature babies. This incident can also occur in pregnant women with COVID-19, but there are still very few reports of occurrence.

So far, the main transmission of the Coronavirus is through the splashing of saliva on coughing or sneezing. There are no clear data related to the transmission of Coronavirus from mother to fetus during pregnancy or during delivery. However, from a recent case, babies born to mothers with COVID-19 were not tested positive for contracting the virus.

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How to Prevent Coronavirus Infection in Pregnant Women

Decreased immune system during pregnancy causes pregnant women to be more aware of the Coronavirus. Here are some steps you can take to prevent Coronavirus infection in pregnant women:

1. Washing hands

Familiarizing handwashing with soap and water can prevent Coronavirus infection in pregnant women. Washing your hands properly can kill viruses and germs on your hands. After that, dry your hands using a tissue, clean towel, or a hand dryer.

If there is no water and soap, pregnant women can use a hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers with a minimum alcohol content of 60% are effective enough to eradicate germs on the hands.

2. Maintain endurance

Coronavirus infection in pregnant women can be prevented with good endurance. For a strong immune system, pregnant women are advised to eat healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and foods high in protein.

Pregnant women can also take prenatal supplements or vitamins according to the doctor’s instructions to increase endurance and maintain health. Also, regular exercise and adequate rest are important to increase endurance.

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3. Wear a mask when traveling

Pregnant women are advised to wear a mask when near a sick person or in a crowd. Examples of masks that can prevent transmission of the Coronavirus are surgical masks and N95 masks. In addition to using masks, pregnant women are also advised to maintain a distance of about 1 meter from people who are coughing and sneezing.

Pregnant women need to be more aware of COVID-19 because Coronavirus infection in pregnant women can cause severe symptoms and effects, both for the mother and fetus.

Pregnant women can avoid Coronavirus infection in simple ways, such as washing hands and wearing masks. Also, don’t forget to regularly check with your doctor so that your health and pregnancy are maintained.

If pregnant women experience complaints of cough, fever, or tightness, immediately go to the doctor or hospital to undergo an examination and get the right treatment.



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