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Coronavirus Can Damage Male Testes?

Every latest news from the coronavirus pandemic does indeed cause concern every day. Not only because the number of victims continues to increase, but the symptoms are also increasingly diverse. Recent studies claim the coronavirus can cause damage to male testes. Is that right?

Pain Testes Can Be Unusual Symptoms of Corona Virus Infection

A 42-year-old man tested positive for coronavirus after checking due to feeling pain in his testicles.

He reported, there were no symptoms of coughing or shortness of breath, but he did experience a fever that disappeared in the last few days.

Initially, the doctor asked him to go to another hospital for a testicular examination. However, after his testes returned to normal, he was diagnosed with pneumonia shortly after doing a CT scan. Two days later, the man from Massachusetts tested positive for the coronavirus.

Experts from Harvard medicine don't say that testicular pain is always a symptom of the coronavirus. However, they were warned of 'unusual symptoms' of COVID-19, one of which had an impact on damage and pain in the testes.

The case report was followed by concerns by scientists in China, who in February claimed the coronavirus could attack the male reproductive organs. This virus is associated with cells that accumulate in the testes and can cause tissue damage, say researchers who are still speculating.

However, other experts say, men, need not worry too much about their tests in the middle of a pandemic until there is research that proves that. Even so, researchers from the Tongji Hospital in Wuhan urged male coronavirus patients to test their fertility after they recovered.

Quoted from Metro UK, a study of testicular damage due to the coronavirus has been shared on Chinese social media.

"Coronavirus infections that cause damage to the lungs and the immune system can also cause an impact on the testes. Therefore, I along with other research teams color that male patients recovering from the coronavirus must undergo fertility tests," said Professor Li Yufeng as the research leader.

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How Does Coronavirus Damage Testicles?

The coronavirus is known to attack cells through a combination of proteins (protein S) and enzymes, called ACE2. Like the lungs, this enzyme also appears in several other organs such as the small intestine, kidney, heart, thyroid, and testicles.

In particular, the large amounts of ACE2 produced in the testes indicate that the coronavirus is at risk of causing damage to this area.

If linked in theory, coronavirus infections can cause damage to the testes, affect sperm production, and cause androgen synthesis, according to the researchers' assumptions.

This inhibited sperm production will affect fertility, and can even cause infertility in men. Then, androgen deficiency conditions can interfere with secondary sexual characteristics, affect sexual functions, and reduce the quality of life in men.

Last month, researchers from the Suzhou Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, published a study stating that coronaviruses can cause damage to the kidneys and testicles.

However, it is important to note once again, that none of this research has been proven and is widely recognized medically. Researchers are still speculating and still need further studies for exact results.

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Viruses Can Occur Simultaneously With Bacteria in Testes

Coronavirus is the most common cause of respiratory problems. However, there are indeed other symptoms that are also unusual such as diarrhea and skin rashes. This virus is a discovery and many are still unknown to us, including its effect on fertility. But of course, this research still seems to be an initial conclusion that still needs to be confirmed with greater future research.

From the literature read, there are indeed some doctors who claim that the coronavirus can affect the testes or male fertility. However, this research still needs evidence for further research.

So it can be said that the symptoms do vary. But the most typical of it is a disturbance in the respiratory system. And symptoms of the testicles themselves are very rare.

Although it can happen, pain due to damage to the testicles is generally a complaint of the several conditions that accompany before. For example, epididymitis, testicular torsion, and urinary tract infections.

Also, said dr. Rod Mitchell, an endocrinologist at the MRC Center for Edinburgh Reproductive Health University, until now the relationship between COVID-19 and fertility is still a theory.

"Certain viruses are known to cause testicular damage and infertility, and mumps is one example. Mumps condition can cause pain, inflammation, and swelling of the testicles, sometimes accompanied by reddish skin on it," he said.

"The case report does not describe inflammation or swelling of the testicles in COVID-19 patients. The virus can occur by chance at the same time when the patient has a bacterial infection that causes pain in the testicles," concluded Dr. Rod.

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