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Could menstruation while pregnant?

During pregnancy, it is impossible for a woman to have menstruation. However, not a few pregnant moms who claim to get menstruation despite being pregnant. Then, is it possible for a pregnant woman to have menstruation?

Menstruation will only occur when a woman is not pregnant. When pregnant, women will not experience menstruation. Be aware if vaginal bleeding occurs during pregnancy is thought to be a sign of menstruation, whereas it may actually be a sign of certain disorders in pregnancy.

Some conditions of menstrual bleeding during pregnancy can be serious, although some are not. However, pregnant women should be alert to symptoms resembling this menstruation. When it appears, you should immediately see a doctor.

For Bleeding While Pregnant

The cause of bleeding resembles menstruation during pregnancy, can be differentiated based on the period of pregnancy, namely:

  • Early pregnancy

The release of blood spots early in pregnancy is quite common, and usually only within a short period of time, about 1-2 days, with a small amount of bleeding. Generally it only appears like blood spots or brown spots on the panties. This condition is known as implantation, when the fertilized egg infects itself into the uterine wall.

Some other causes of the discharge of blood spots early in pregnancy, namely:

  • The existence of changes or problems in the cervix
  • Infections of the vagina and cervix

Infection or inflammation caused by fungi or bacteria can arise in the cervix, can also be infections due to sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes or gonorrhea. Such infections can cause bleeding.

  • Early signs of miscarriage

Unfortunately, bleeding that comes out in the first trimester of pregnancy can also be caused by a miscarriage. Bleeding due to miscarriage coupled with a sign of severe cramps in the lower abdomen. If you experience these signs immediately do the examination of the womb to see the condition of the fetus.

  • Pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus, or ectopic pregnancy
  • Pregnant wine.
  • In early pregnancy, women also often experience other symptoms that resemble menstruation, such as weakness, abdominal cramps, lower back pain.
  • Mid or late pregnancy

Meanwhile, bleeding arising in second trimester pregnancy and third trimester of pregnancy can be caused by:

  • Miscarriage
  • Premature labor

Blood loss accompanied by mucus and labor signs such as contractions and lower back pain before the age of 37 weeks of pregnancy can be a sign of premature birth. You should consult your obstetrician or midwife if you feel any of these signs.

  • Placenta previa

Another bleeding that is often mistaken for menstruation is the condition of placenta previa. This condition occurs when the placenta is located too at the bottom of the uterus and makes the baby's birth path blocked.

  • The placenta is released from the uterine wall.

In addition to the discharge of blood that resembles menstruation, pregnant women can also feel cramps and contractions, especially if the baby is born prematurely.

What to do?

Bleeding during pregnancy can indeed trigger anxiety. In addition to a doctor, should pregnant women who experience bleeding during pregnancy do the following:

  • Wearing a sanitary napkin. Thus, it can be seen how much bleeding occurs and how the blood color comes out (red, brown, pink).
  • If there is a tissue that comes out with blood, take it to the doctor for review.
  • Avoid using tampons and do not use vaginal cleansers.
  • Postpone sexual intercourse.

The doctor will perform a physical examination and ultrasound to determine the cause of the bleeding that occurred. Ultrasound examination may be performed in the abdomen or done internally through the vagina.

Bleeding in pregnant women should get medical help immediately if there is a great bleeding, and if accompanied by cramps or pain that is unbearable, high fever, or there is tissue in the blood that comes out.

What is important to remember if there is bleeding or spotting of blood during pregnancy, that is immediately checked the womb to the doctor. Thus, the cause of the bleeding can be known, and the doctor can immediately do the right handling.

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