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Dangerous disease comes due to your high uric acid

When we break down the cells in the body and eat some kind of food, a substance called gout is created. Most of the uric acid is then filtered by the kidney and removed through the urine, some are discarded with feces. However, if uric acid is produced too much or if the kidneys are unable to get rid of it, the levels of uric acid in the blood will certainly increase.

Excess blood vessels can form dense crystals in the joint until they develop a disease called uric acid or gout. If left untreated, uric acid crystals can cause various diseases or other hazardous conditions. Uric acid contained in the body will increase in number under certain conditions. The following are the causes of high uric acid levels:

Dietary habit

High levels of uric acid can be caused by eating too much high purine, such as offal meat, as well as some examples of green vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, and alcoholic beverages. When ingesting foods containing purines, the body will produce uric acid as a result of late metabolism.


A person who is taking certain medications also has the potential to increase uric acid levels. Drugs that can cause high uric acid levels are high blood pressure-lowering drugs, ACE-type inhibitors, beta-blockers and diuretic use.


A person with a family history who has high uric acid levels has a greater risk of experiencing the same. This suggests a genetic influence on high levels of uric acid.

High uric acid hazards

Many people worry about the increase in uric acid levels in the body. This is because the high uric acid can cause various diseases, such as:

1. Kidney stones

Kidney disease caused by uric acid or uric crystal buildup can occur through several different mechanisms. In the first mechanism, high uric crystal content may precipitate in renal tissue and ultimately lead to direct injury to the kidneys. In addition, high uric acid levels can also cause deposition and forming kidney stones, resulting in renal flow disorders

2. Gout

This health disorder is a disease characterized by the presence of acute inflammation of the joints and usually occurs in the joints of the big toe. Gout disease can appear in various forms, although the most common is arising in the form of joints. Pain usually appears at night, which is marked by a decrease in body temperature.

3. Heart disease and blood vessels

A person with heart failure and high uric acid levels has a higher risk of death. Therefore, people with heart disease is always advised to check uric acid levels.

4. Tophi

The danger of untreated gout is to cause a buildup of uric acid crystals under the skin to form a small white or yellow lump called tophi. Tophi usually appears on the big toes, elbows, arms, ears, fingers, knees, heels, or along the ankle's back.

Tophi usually does not cause pain. However, if uric acid attacks come in, tophi may become inflamed and painful. In addition, tophi can also create fluids such as toothpaste, to make the sufferer difficult to perform daily activities.

5. Damage to joints

If left untreated, uric acid attacks will be prolonged and more common. As a result, the possibility of permanent tissue become permanently damaged will increase. The danger of uric acid can even make the joints bend and can not move. If serious, damaged joints may need to be repaired or replaced through surgical procedures.

6. Diabetes

One study showed that high levels of uric acid in the blood were also believed to be associated with an increased risk of diabetes up to 20% higher.

7. Lack of sleep

The uric acid attacks most often occur at night to make the sufferer awake. Persistent uric acid pain can make the sufferer sleep disorder.

8. Defects

The pain of gout attacks can make the sufferer difficult to walk, the difficulty of doing housework and doing daily activities, to cause joint damage or permanent disability.

9. Emotion and psychology

The dangers of uric acid such as lack of sleep, difficulty doing daily work, until permanent disability in turn can cause fatigue, stress, mood swings, or depression in the sufferer.

In addition to the above diseases, the danger of uric acid can also cause cataracts, dry eye syndrome, or uric acid crystallization in the lungs. High levels of uric acid in fact can lead you to other more dangerous health disorders. Therefore, do not ever hesitate to check your uric acid levels to know the risks of various diseases that may be approaching. Let's check your uric acid levels!

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