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Dangerous, know the spots occur during pregnancy

Signs of spots during pregnancy or blood spots through the birth canal is one of the complaints that are often experienced by pregnant women. No need to worry too much, generally this spots is a normal process and not harmful.

However, some cases do require special attention because it can threaten the lives of both mother and fetus. These danger signs are easily recognizable as long as they know their own characteristics and traits. With early recognition and quick and precise action, the fatal risk behind it can be avoided as much as possible.

Know the normal spots occur during pregnancy

As many as 20% of pregnant women complain of the spots that often come out of the birth canal, especially early in pregnancy. As long as the amount is small and not accompanied by other complaints, then this spots are normal and harmless.

Blood that comes out is a sign of attachment of the fetus to the uterine wall. In the medical world, these blood spots are called hartman signs and generally occur 6- 12 days after meeting the egg cell with sperm.

When pregnant women experience spots like this, no need to worry. Simply observe and report on the progress as well as the amount of blood that goes out to the obstetrician or midwife in charge. The patches will subside within days, after perfect fetal attachment.

Dangerous malleable spots

In addition to spots that are normal and not harmful, there are also spots that indicate more serious conditions, dangerous and life threatening. Pregnant women should be vigilant if the following signs accompany the spots out of the birth canal.

The amount of blood is getting more

The amount of blood that is large or growing from day to day, indicating the presence of injuries and the release of tissue around the womb that is large enough. How extensive this loose tissue should be evaluated through physician and ultrasound examination. This condition becomes dangerous when the evaluation shows the tissue around the fetal sac participates released along with the blood that came out.

Spots accompanied by abdominal cramps

Sometimes, even normal spots may be accompanied by mild abdominal pain or cramps. As long as it does not interfere with activity and does not gain weight, then there is nothing to worry about.

However, the cramps or abdominal pain that occur should be wary if the intensity is severe and gets great. This abdominal pain may indicate a uterine contraction attempting to secrete the gastrointestinal tissue, the first sign of miscarriage.

Blurred vision or dizzy

Spots or severe bleeding can make the mother anemia or less blood. One sign of the occurrence of anemia is a blurred vision or dizzy. Not only harmful to pregnant women, but anemia also has the potential to threaten the safety of the fetus it contains.

Blood sting or rotten

In addition to fetal attachment, the outbreaks can reflect the presence of infection around the uterus and birth canal. Suspicions to this infection can be thought of especially when there is a strong smell that comes from the blood.

Pregnant women are very susceptible to infection. The stinging scented blood reflects an infection that may involve the area around the uterus and harm the fetus it contains.

Bring out clots together with blood

Not infrequently pregnant women who experience spots complain of clumps resembling meat that come out together with blood. Be careful, this clot is suspect as the tissue of the uterus or even fetal sacs that are released and come out. If there is this sign, the pregnant woman should immediately go to check to ensure the health condition of her pregnancy.

The safety and health of pregnancy should be a priority of mothers during pregnancy. Knowing and recognizing the alarm from the spots during pregnancy is one form of business. With the protection of the mother's soul and the fetus is conceived, the pregnancy will be more enjoyable and enjoyable.

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