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Dental Health Problems that are Often Experienced by Drugs Users

Drugs or narcotics and dangerous drugs are one of the most disturbing things in the world. How not, until now there are still very many drug abuse cases and mostly attack the younger generation. Though there are many dangers of drugs for health. If you really understand the dangers of drugs, will someone still use them?

The appearance of problems in the oral cavity is one of the effects of drug use. Slowly, dental health will begin to be disrupted. This can be influenced by several factors, such as the duration of use, how to use, the type of drug used, and the cleanliness of the teeth and mouth itself.

Types of Drugs

Before knowing the dangers of drugs and health problems that occur, you need to know the types of drugs first. In general, drugs consist of 3 classifications, namely narcotics, psychotropic substances and addictive substances. In addition, drugs can also be distinguished based on the effects they produce. Types of drugs based on their effects are like hallucinogens, stimulants, depressants, and addictive.

Basically there are many types of drugs and some of them are used in the medical world for treatment, but of course, their use is closely monitored. Whereas dangerous use is when drugs are used carelessly or can be said to be misused.

Dental problems that are often experienced by drug users

Various dental and oral health problems that can arise due to drug use include:

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Dry mouth (xerostomia)

Xerostomia is a drier condition of the oral cavity. This disorder occurs due to a change in the composition of the saliva flow, causing the function to not work properly.


Besides dry mouth, drug users are also known to be very susceptible to dental caries, which is also influenced by the salivary flow.

Mechanically, saliva functions to wet the oral cavity and chew food. Well, little or no secretion of saliva can lead to holes in the teeth.

In suction type drug users, caries is characterized by severe damage to the tooth surface. Not only one tooth, but it can be more. This condition can also be exacerbated because oral hygiene is already bad.

Gum disease

Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is a disease caused by poor oral hygiene. The accumulation of plaque and tartar occurs due to a lack of attention and awareness of drug users in maintaining their oral health.

The tartar originates from slowly hardened and mineralized plaques. When the tartar is tightly attached, the only way to clean it is with the help of a dentist.

If not cleaned, tartar will eventually accumulate, and eventually, it will cause irritation to the gums. Later, the gums bleed more easily, especially when brushing teeth. This condition can also develop more severely to cause attachment to the gums and teeth so that the teeth can escape.

Meth mouth

Meth mouth is the term tooth and mouth damage due to the type of methamphetamine (meth) drug. The oral effects of methamphetamine use are very bad. Reports have shown the occurrence of caries that has progressed and resembles caries in early childhood. This is called meth mouth. A special pattern of tooth decay is often seen on the smooth surface of the teeth and the interproximal surface of the anterior teeth.

Dental attrition

Dental attrition is a condition of loss of enamel to dentine due to friction between teeth. The more frequent contact between teeth, the greater the occurrence of attrition.

Effects that can occur will affect the nervous system, making users more active. Hyperactivity in the muscles around the mouth triggers bad habits such as bruxism. This can also cause fatigue in the jaw joint or temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome

This syndrome is a condition of the emergence of pain in the temporal bones, namely two joints in the jaw near the ear. Joints with muscles and ligaments open and close the jaw to talk, eat and swallow. This pain is caused by a malfunction of the system of muscles, ligaments, discs, and bones.

If this condition is left without treatment, it can create pain in the head and neck, facial pain, earache, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. Not only that, but sufferers will also have difficulty when biting or chewing food. This condition has a "click" sound when opening and closing the mouth.

Based on the above description of dental health problems that are often experienced by drug users, it is proven that drugs have absolutely no benefits for dental and oral health. Drugs can also damage the overall health of the body. Therefore, fortifying yourself from drug abuse is an absolute thing. For parents, it is absolutely necessary to protect children from the influence of other parties who use these prohibited substances.

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