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Do this to Avoid Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy

Women's hormone levels tend to change during pregnancy, such as an increase in the hormone progesterone which makes pregnant women easily experience gum disease. The increase in the hormone progesterone facilitates the growth of bacteria and ultimately risks causing bleeding gums during pregnancy.

This condition which is considered dangerous for pregnant women is characterized by gum tissue which is more susceptible to the onset of plaque, which is a transparent thin layer consisting of a collection of bacteria. Usually, bleeding gums during pregnancy begin to appear in the second month of pregnancy until ending in the eighth month of pregnancy. The symptoms are the gums that are redder in color, easily bleed from being exposed to a toothbrush, and swollen.

Causes of Bloody Gum in Pregnant Women

There are many factors that cause bleeding gums in pregnant women. Pregnant women need to know the following causes to be able to prevent and treat teeth and gums to reduce the risk of bleeding gums:

1. Hormonal changes

When the mother is pregnant, hormonal changes occur in her body. One of the hormonal changes that occur is an increase in the hormone progesterone in the body. This increase in the hormone progesterone causes the gums and teeth of pregnant women to be more susceptible to bacteria from dental plaque.

In addition, changes in this hormone also cause an increase in blood flow in the body of pregnant women. This increase in blood flow will cause the surrounding tissue to become softer so that it will become easier to get hurt and bleed when brushing your teeth, even when eating and talking.

2. Gingivitis

There is bacterial accumulation that occurs in the teeth when you brush your teeth less clean. This accumulation of bacteria causes an inflammatory reaction in the gums causing the gums to bleed. This inflammatory reaction must be handled and treated immediately so that it doesn't get worse. If gum inflammation that occurs is not immediately treated, it may be that pregnant women will experience periodontitis, which is a condition where the tooth support becomes damaged.

The occurrence of periodontitis as a result of inflammation of the gums that is not treated can be seen from the swelling of the gums until the gums become lower than usual. Swelling of the gums will also form a gap between the teeth and gums which will then become a place for bacterial growth and worsen the gum inflammation that occurs.

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3. Lack of vitamin C

Pregnant women who consume fewer fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C will also easily experience bleeding gums. In medical terms, this condition is called scurvy, where this condition will cause swelling of the gums, pain and easy bleeding. Vitamin C for pregnant women is needed to maintain the immune system of pregnant women and fetal development. If pregnant women lack vitamin C, then pregnant women will easily experience irritation and pain in their bodies.

4. Lack of vitamin K

The human body really needs vitamin K to help with blood clots in the body. The same is true for pregnant women. If pregnant women experience vitamin K deficiency, there will be difficulty in blood clotting in the body. This will make the body easily hurt and bleed, and bleeding that occurs will also be more difficult to stop.

5. Smoking

Smoking is an activity that is not recommended for pregnant women. In fact, it's better for pregnant women to avoid smoking or breathing cigarette smoke. Besides being not good for fetal development, smoking also has a negative impact on the oral health of pregnant women.

According to research, smoking and using tobacco products for other consumption will interfere with the health of teeth and gums. People who smoke will be more prone to swollen gums which will further facilitate irritation and bleeding in the gums.

Harmful Bloody Gum When Pregnant for Mother and Baby?

For a pregnant woman, not only maintaining nutritional intake but maintaining oral health is also important to prevent bleeding gums during pregnancy. Want to know how to prevent bleeding gums during pregnancy? Let's look at the reviews below.

Impact of bleeding gums during pregnancy for the mother

No need to worry about mild bleeding gums especially if you are diligent about maintaining oral health. Even so, gum disease in severe conditions can cause premature birth.

A number of studies have linked gum disease during pregnancy in severe conditions with low weight when giving birth, preeclampsia, and preterm birth. However, a number of other studies found no link between gum disease and other serious complications.

Bleeding gums that are already in a severe condition, but not handled, risk causing periodontitis. Periodontitis is a severe gum infection that is characterized by the weakening of the tissues and bones that are tasked with attaching teeth to the jaw. In this case, the condition of the teeth and gums can get worse with the infection of the gums and the formation of pus-filled bags called abscesses.

Mothers can prevent this from happening by keeping teeth, gums, and mouth clean. How to diligently brush your teeth at least twice a day. And check your teeth regularly to the dentist. One treatment that the doctor will do aims to remove plaque buildup from the surface of the tooth.

Impact of bleeding gums during pregnancy for babies conceived

Until now, no evidence of gum disease has been found during pregnancy can affect the baby's health. However, gum disease can affect the decline in maternal health. The condition of an unhealthy mother can interfere with pregnancy, the birth process, and the baby's growth.

Some researchers believe there is a connection between periodontitis and:

  • Low birth weight babies
  • Babies born prematurely, and
  • Other pregnancy complications.

However, a number of other studies actually refute the above. Because premature birth can be caused by various things, for example eating less healthy foods during pregnancy or prolonged stress that affects health.

If you are worried about your health condition, immediately consult a midwife or doctor. The midwife will assist in arranging the consultation schedule and giving appropriate advice regarding the situation that Mother is experiencing.

Maintaining Dental Health so that the Gums Don't Bloody while Pregnant

In order to maintain oral health, carry out the following preventative steps:

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Complete treatment between teeth with dental flossing once a day.
  • Choose a toothbrush with fine hairs that can reduce friction which can cause irritation to the gums.
  • Use saltwater to rinse mouth rinses daily or periodically. By mixing one teaspoon of salt compared to one cup of drinking water.
  • Meet your nutritional needs by eating healthy and nutritious foods.
  • You are recommended to visit a dentist to get the right advice and a professional dental cleaning method.
  • Check with the dentist, at least once during pregnancy.

When visiting a dentist, let him know if you are pregnant. If action is really needed, you do not need to worry because of local anesthesia and some types of antibiotics are safe for pregnant women. However, X-rays using X-rays are not recommended for pregnant women.



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