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Dull Face Care To Look Brighter

Dull face is not only caused by hormonal changes, air, or makeup products. More than that, a dull face can also occur due to a less appropriate way to treat and clean the face.

Caring for a dull face does not have to use expensive facial cleansers. There are various ways that you can do easily to treat your face and prevent it from becoming dull.

Some Important Things in Caring for a Dull Face

Even though you routinely cleanse your face, the following important things may often be forgotten when doing dull facial treatments:

Use a cleaner without scent and foam

Choose facial cleansing products without foam and aroma. It is recommended to use a cleanser containing ceramide, because it can keep the skin moist. Limit the use of scrubs and fresheners that use alcohol because of the risk of causing facial skin to become more dry and dull. No less important is to clean your face regularly, especially in the morning and evening.

Use cold water when washing your face

Although it feels comfortable, using warm water to clean your face is not the right way, because it can make the skin more dry and dull. Water that is too hot risks removing natural oils on the skin that actually play a role in keeping the skin moist. In dull face care, it's better to use cold or lukewarm water to rinse your face.

Rub your face for about two minutes

While cleaning your face, you are not advised to rub your face for too long. Rubbing the face for less than two minutes is enough to clean the dirt on the face.

Choose the right moisturizer

You can use moisturizers, such as petroleum jelly, mineral oil, creams or lotions. It is also recommended to use products that contain stearic acid, ceramides or shea butter. Apply moisturizer a few minutes after bathing, so that the moisture of the skin is not lost.

Limit the use of facial tissue

The use of facial tissue can sometimes cause irritation to the facial skin and make the face dull. Using facial tissue is not really a problem as long as you know how to use it and the products used do not contain preservatives or chemicals.

Don't forget sunscreen

One of the main causes of a dull face is exposure to excessive sunlight. On dull face care, always use sunscreen at least those with the label SPF 15 or SPF 30, according to the condition of your facial skin. In addition, you can also wear a hat or scarf while on the move outdoors.

Consumption of water

Colored and flavored drinks, tea, coffee or syrup do feel better to get tired or make you refreshed. However, the best drink your body needs is still water. Not only does it prevent dehydration or dissolve toxins in the body's organs, it also keeps the moisture and smoothness of your skin. Believe it, keeping the amount of water you consume everyday, can make your face bright and radiant in just a few weeks. Until here, there are still those who are reluctant to drink water?

In addition to a variety of important things in the dull face care above, you are also advised to consult with a doctor to get the right information about how to treat your face, as well as recommendations for cleaning products and facial treatments that match your skin condition.



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