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Easy and Cheap Ageless Ways and Proven No Side Effects

Many people want to know the right way to stay young. Everyone will arrive at a time when their skin looks wrinkled, their hair becomes gray, and more often complains of health problems. But there are some people who can maintain their health and appearance to old age. What are their recipes for how to stay young?

Ageless is not simply obtained from the consumption of various drugs or using various anti-aging cosmetics. To get effective and permanent results in the long term, healthy life habits are needed on a daily basis, or often referred to as a healthy lifestyle.

What causes aging?

Over time, not your age gets older. Your body will also be aging from the outside and inside.

Various functions of body organs will begin to decline naturally due to the "A" factor, aka age. The skin will no longer produce collagen and melanin as much as you used to. Getting older, muscle mass will also continue to decline. As a result, your skin will slowly dry out, wrinkle, sag, and pale dull color.

Meanwhile, factors such as sun exposure, air pollution, and motor vehicle fumes, smoking habits, stress, sleep problems, eating habits and physical routines contribute to aging from the outside.

Here are some simple guidelines that can be applied:

Healthy diet

You don't need to apply a complicated diet or anything like that. The easiest step to do is to add the number of fruits and vegetables to your daily menu. Both types of food do not contain cholesterol, are low in calories, and contain lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium and iron. Plant foods that contain iron include spinach and soybeans. But keep in mind, most animal sources contain higher levels of iron and calcium and are more easily absorbed by the body.

Ageless methods can also be obtained from eating the following foods:

  • Olive oil
  • Fish
  • Dark chocolate
  • Pomegranates, avocados, and tomatoes
  • Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and chili

In general, eating healthy foods is useful in slowing down the aging process and commonly accompanying diseases, such as osteoporosis. Antioxidants in vegetables and fruit help prevent cancer by fighting free radicals, namely substances that are formed from the body's metabolic processes that damage the body's tissues, cells, and DNA.

Active moves

Moving actively with regular exercise is a healthy, youthful way. This happens because sports can:

  • Keeping the body's blood circulation and metabolism organized.
  • Maintain healthy organs such as the heart and brain, muscles, and bones.
  • Helps ward off chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, to depression.
  • Prevent dementia because it is useful to increase the interaction between nerve cells, thus slowing down damage to brain tissue.

It's never too late to start exercising. People who just start regular exercise ahead of old age can still get benefits compared to those who don't move actively at all. Body exercise like yoga is proven to be able to maintain health both physically and mentally by increasing blood circulation, the nervous system, and muscles.

Get enough rest

Sleeping 7-9 hours every day requires the skin to stay healthy and not wrinkled quickly. However, too much sleep is also not good and actually speeds up the process of skin cell damage. Sleeping on your back is better for your facial skin than with your face down.

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Maintain healthy skin

Regular use of skin moisturizers can be one way to stay young. Dry skin can make skin cells become rapidly aging and wrinkled, especially if they are often exposed to sunlight which is also a major factor causing aging in the skin. Therefore, it is also important to use moisturizers that contain sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, which can protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet light.

Regular use of sunscreen every day is medically proven to slow down the aging process of the skin. In addition, sunscreen is also beneficial to protect the skin from cancer due to exposure to excessive sunlight. In addition to using sunscreen, use a hat and clothing that covers the skin while on the move outdoors.

You are also advised to see a dermatologist. This is more promising than trial and error on various anti-aging beauty products. Dermatologists can analyze, evaluate, and recommend products that suit your skin's needs.

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Drink lots of water

Drink plenty of water makes the skin stay moist and radiant, also prevents dehydration which can make the skin dry and wrinkled. Therefore, it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Keep away from bad habits

There are many reasons people find out the right way to stay young. One of them is to avoid premature aging. This phenomenon is not only experienced by older people. Aging that comes faster can be started since middle age, both in appearance and health.

Here are some things to avoid if you want to stay young.

  • Avoid cigarettes and liquor. Both can make the skin wrinkle quickly because it damages collagen and skin elasticity, and causes the narrowing of the arteries on the surface of the skin.
  • Limit consumption of fast food which can easily increase cholesterol deposits in blood vessels.
  • Research has found that stress can accelerate aging by 10-15 years because the body is forced to work extra constantly. As much as possible, take a break between busyness for relaxation and doing things that are popular.

Aging is unavoidable because it is part of the body's natural processes as we age. But the way to stay young by living a healthy lifestyle and mind can bring goodness to health as we get older.



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