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Easy Steps to Maintaining Family Health

Healthy is expensive, but if you are sick, it's even more expensive. "Have you heard of this statement? If you have, surely you know that the expression is true, that health is expensive and valuable. Unfortunately, this is often only realized when a family member falls ill. In fact, there are many easy ways to maintain family health.

The existence of a sick family member can certainly make one householder worried. Well, in order to maintain family health, do a few easy and simple steps.

Nutritious food as an energy source

You are what you eat. If you and your family consume foods that are rich in nutrients, this is the initial capital to get a healthy body. Healthy food will help you and your whole family to have enough energy to carry out daily activities.

Make sure you always provide food with a complete composition consisting of carbohydrates, vegetable protein, animal protein, and fat. As a source of carbohydrates, you and your family can consume rice, wheat bread, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.

Vegetable protein sources can be obtained from beans, and tofu, while animal protein can be obtained from the consumption of meat, eggs, and fish. As a healthy source of fat, choose olive oil or coconut oil.

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Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

In addition to macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, the needs of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals must also be fulfilled. Always provide one serving of vegetables at each mealtime.

Make fruit a snack between your time. Besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, vegetables and fruits also contain fiber that is good for digestion and antioxidants to maintain endurance.

Diligent exercise

Sports is one form of investment for a later age. Aside from being an effort to get a fit body and ideal body weight, exercise will keep your heart and lungs healthy. Encourage all family members to exercise at least 3-5 times a week with a duration of 30 minutes.

Don't have much time? Start by diligently walking, cycling to the train station or school, or use the stairs to reach the workspace in the office if possible. These simple things can be part of your physical activity.

Maintain personal hygiene and the environment

Many germs that cause disease are roaming around the environment. Therefore, maintaining personal hygiene and the environment becomes important, one of the easy and effective ways is to instill the importance of washing hands with soap and running water to children.

The palms can be a place for invisible breeding germs. Therefore, teach children to wash their hands before and after eating, after using the toilet, while bathing, after touching a pet, and when their hands look dirty.

In addition to washing hands, ensure personal hygiene by bathing twice a day with anti-germ soap to cleanse the body as a whole while protecting the body from germs.

Enough sleep

Sleep deprivation will adversely affect short and long term memory, you also become less focused. There will be limitations to coordinate the willingness of the brain to govern other body members. When certain conditions, lack of sleep can cause harmful disasters because the body responds to things more slowly.

For example, you are driving a car, then suddenly there are bicycle users crossing you at the intersection, you are not aware of the red lights that are on, and the shock that you feel can be dangerous and can cause an accident if you are sleep deprived.

Build healthy communication

How to maintain health above has more influence with physical health, while building healthy communication tends to provide great benefits for family psychological health.

Couples who intensely communicate, are more able to trust each other. Infertility will foster a sense of honesty, attention, and caring.

Likewise for relationships between parents of children and otherwise. Building good communication can have a major impact on the child's mental condition.

They will feel cared for, trusted, listened to, and have the convenience to convey what they need. Here, as a parent means you have maintained a child's psychological comfort.

Schedule routine health checks

Many people mistakenly come to health facilities only when they are sick. In fact, routine health checks are also important. Perform a health check at least once a year even though you are not sick.

The purpose of a health check is to ensure that the functions of your body's organs are still good and detect the disease as early as possible. If there is an indication of a particular disease, you can get help quickly and precisely.

In addition to body checks, dental and oral examinations are equally important. Dentists recommend that you check dental and oral health at least every six months.

Take decisive and real steps to maintain family health. In addition to providing nutritious food and exercising regularly, cultivate healthy habits such as washing hands with soap and running water and cleaning yourself with anti-germ soaps to avoid the threat of germs. A healthy family will surely inspire other families!

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