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Evidently, apparently emotion Women more sensitive compared Men

Men are usually more rational and level-headed, and women are more emotional and sympathetic to other people's feelings. At least, that's a predicate given to men and women related from the emotional side. But, what is the rationale of the assessment? Well, now a successful study proves that grouping is true.

The study was conducted by the Universitaire Institut en Sante Mentale de Montreal and the University of Montreal. They are inspired by the difference between men and women about psychology.

"The habits of women who have more emotional reactions explain many things, such as when they are suffering from depression or anxiety disorders to their partners." said one researcher in the study, Adrianna Mendrek.

In previous studies, it was believed that men and women had different emotional stimuli. The conclusion is taken because when men and women view negative images, the limbic system (the center of memory and emotion) in their brains has different reactions. From there the researchers decided to research further to be able to see more clearly how these differences play a role, and whether hormone levels affect the psychological aspects.

A total of 46 participants (25 women and 21 men) were studied with a blood test to determine estrogen and testosterone levels. After that, they were asked to see images that could evoke positive, negative, or neutral emotions while undergoing fMRI brain scans. Participants were also asked to respond based on their emotions when viewing the image.

The result is an average woman is more reactive to emotional images. Regardless of gender, for those whose high testosterone levels tend to be less sensitive to images while for those with high estrogens it almost always has an increase in sensitivity.

It was also found that connections between two parts of the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) brain and the amygdala were stronger in males. The high reaction in these two parts causes decreased sensitivity stimulation.

The level of amygdala and dnPFC reactions is related to how a person processes his emotions. The amygdala is the part of the brain that detects threats, and is very active when someone is afraid or sad, while dmPFC helps the process of social interaction and mediation of perception.

"In men, there is a strong relationship between the relationships of the area, which means that men have more analytical skills than to put emotional feelings in touch with negative emotions," said Stephane Potvin, professor of the University of Montreal Psychiatric Department, as quoted from Medical Daily.

"Women may be more focused on their feelings when receiving stimuli, compared to men who tend to be passive in responding to negative emotions, as more trying to analyze the stimuli and their consequences." continued Potvin.

Mendrek and his team believe that the evidence from his research can be an enlightenment that men and women have different ways of thinking at a certain level of psychology. "Biological and cultural factors are a factor in determining our emotional sensitivity to negative situations," says Mendrek.

Mendrek concludes, the next step is to research how hormones can affect humans in reacting to different types of emotions, such as sadness, fear, or anger.

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