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Experiencing tuberculosis while pregnant? Find out the handling here

Pregnant women infected with tuberculosis are often hesitant to take medication for fear of the safety of their baby. In fact, tuberculosis should be treated so that his condition does not become more severe.

Tuberculosis (TB) should be handled appropriately, otherwise it can lead to more severe conditions. If you are pregnant and having TB, of course, it can pose a risk to your pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women with TB should be extra careful.

Treatment of Tuberculosis in Pregnant Women

You do not need to worry because in principle TB that occurs in pregnant women can still be resolved, although maybe handling a bit more complicated when compared with patients who are not pregnant TB. TB treatment during pregnancy is generally safe, because the type and dose have been adjusted so as not to harm the fetus and uterus.

Prior to the treatment effort, the doctor will perform a series of procedures to diagnose the type of TB experienced, including through a history of complaints, physical examination, and investigations such as X-rays, sputum tests, and blood tests. Treatment of tuberculosis given, will be adjusted to the type of TB experienced by pregnant women:

Treatment of latent tuberculosis

You may be diagnosed with TB during pregnancy, although there are no symptoms. This condition is known as latent tuberculosis, and the treatment will be given with consideration. Generally you will be recommended to start taking medication after 2-3 months postpartum. Although in some cases, treatment can be given while pregnant.

Treatment of active tuberculosis

While in pregnant women who experience symptoms of TB, and diagnosed with active TB, will soon be treated with TB drug combination. This means there are several types of drugs that are combined into one to be consumed every day, to fight active TB infection during pregnancy.

Doctors will provide customized medications, both types and doses, in order to maintain the safety of pregnant women and the fetus. Undergoing TB treatment during pregnancy in a disciplined manner, it is important to do as directed by a doctor. Generally TB treatment can take 6 to 9 months. Appropriate treatment options can overcome TB in pregnant women, so this infection does not adversely affect the fetus.

Hazards and Impacts When Not Treated

As long as you undergo regular treatment, the chances of TB infection will not affect the baby. If not treated promptly, then TB infection during pregnancy may cause:

  • Increases the risk of premature birth
  • Baby's weight is low birth
  • TB infection is contagious in the baby in the womb
  • Mothers can transmit TB infection to others around


Keep in mind that tuberculosis treatment should be undertaken in discipline to completion, according to physician advice. Because if not, you will increase the risk of re-infection of TB with the condition of germs that are resistant (resistant) to existing treatment. Also of concern, your family and close relatives may catch TB, including the newborn Little.

If you are not taking treatment and tested positive for TB after delivery, you may have to be separated with a baby to prevent transmission. If after birth, your baby is diagnosed with TB, the doctor will perform the examination and give treatment recommendation for about 6 months.

After the baby is born, the mother undergoing TB treatment is still allowed to breastfeed her baby. Therefore, TB treatment that you consume generally does not give bad effect for breastfed babies.

If you have symptoms of tuberculosis during pregnancy, check with your doctor immediately to get it treated. Quick and precise handling can speed healing and minimize the potential for TB transmission to infants.

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