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Foods for ulcer disease is available at home

Stomach ulcers are often a sudden relapse of course very disturbing daily activities. In order not to get worse, you also need to select and know the various foods that are well consumed for patients with heartburn.

Stomach ulcers are generally caused by inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), infection, consumption of certain drugs, the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages, caffeine, spicy foods, smoking, and stress. If not treated promptly, heartburn can trigger bleeding in the stomach and increase the risk of dangerous diseases, such as stomach cancer.

You are an ulcer patient? Is it really tortured if you have a relapse? Abdomen will feel bloated and sore twisted. Some things can be the cause of your ulcer relapse. For example, because of late eating, stress, or eating foods that are spicy and sour.

But be cool! The ulcer sufferer must know some of the foods below that can relieve your pain. If you suddenly relapse, do not forget to eat one of the foods below.

Good Food For Pain Sufferer

In general, the selection of food for patients with ulcer disease aims to ease the workload on the digestive tract and help neutralize excess stomach acid. Here are a variety of foods that are well consumed for people with ulcer disease, among them:

Bananas and melons

Bananas and melons are fruits that have a low acidity level. Both of these fruits are highly recommended for consumption by patients with heartburn, as it helps stabilize the rise of stomach acid. In addition, there are other fruits that have low acidity levels, such as apples, and pears.


Eating a bowl of oatmeal before starting the activity is recommended for patients with heartburn. This is because, oatmeal is able to absorb stomach acid and reduce symptoms of acid reflux. In addition, oatmeal can provide healthy fiber intake for your body. Other sources of fiber you can choose from, among others, whole wheat bread.

Aloe vera

Health benefit aloe vera

Aloe vera plant is known as a natural herb and also a drug ulcer disease. Aloe vera is available in supplement form, or it can be consumed immediately after cooking. Research shows that aloe vera can reduce the risk of gastric ulcers, and prevent the production of excess stomach acid. This herbaceous plant also contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidants.


Food for heartburn this one is a natural ingredient that can be consumed in the form of a salad. Simply sliced a thin fennel, then mix it with a variety of other vegetables, such as argula and spinach. Fennel plant is safe for consumption by ulcer patients because it has a low acidity levels and can improve the function of the stomach.


One of these root plants is a natural remedy that can be used to overcome digestive problems, including heartburn. You simply peel, cut, or grate the ginger, then put it in boiling water to make a drink of ginger tea. Ginger tea is an effective drink as an anti-inflammatory and acid reflux gastric rising.


Health benefit celery

Celery has almost no calories because of its high water content, and is a good food choice if you suffer from stomach acid and ulcer disease. In addition, celery can also be used as an appetite suppressant and is an excellent source of fiber.

Green vegetable

Eating vegetables is recommended for patients with heartburn, because it helps reduce the rise of stomach acid. It is advisable to choose vegetables that have low levels of acidity, such as broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, long beans, spinach and cucumber.

Brown rice

Brown rice

The complex carbohydrates present in brown rice, longer digested in the stomach so as to help prevent increased stomach acid.


Most types of meat, such as poultry and fish, can be consumed even if you have heartburn. The best choice of meat for ulcer patients is lean meat. Avoid processing with frying. Meat processing by grilling or boiling is the best for ulcer patients.

Patients with heartburn need to avoid acidic, spicy, high fat foods or beverages, containing alcohol, caffeine, and soda. In addition, eating good food for ulcer patients. You also have to pay attention to the regular diet and do not let the stomach empty for too long. These habits will increase the risk of acid reflux resulting in heartburn. Consult a doctor if you suffer from chronic ulcer that does not heal, in order to get the right handling.

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