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Frequent Night Sweating After Childbirth? These are the Reasons and Solutions

There are various body changes that you can experience after giving birth. One of them is sweating at night. In fact, there are also those who wake up from deep sleep because of these conditions. Have you ever experienced it?

Sweating at night, especially those that interfere with sleep can certainly make you feel uncomfortable. Mothers may also be wondering whether this is normal or even a symptom of a particular disease. Find out more.

Reasons for Sweating at Night After Childbirth

Relax, sweating at night after giving birth is a natural thing. This condition occurs due to changes in the body after giving birth and does not indicate a health problem. Complaints of sweating at night will disappear by itself within a few weeks after giving birth.

Sweating at night after giving birth is usually caused by a decrease in the hormone estrogen and also the stress that you feel. Night sweats can also be one of the body's ways to get rid of excess fluid that occurs during pregnancy.

When pregnant, women tend to store a lot of fluid in their bodies. Most pregnant women hold the liquid in their lower body or face. After giving birth, the hormone that has helped Mother to store fluids during pregnancy is now trying to get rid of fluids that are not needed by the body. The hormone will try to remove the liquid in various ways, for example through urine and sweat. So don't be surprised if you want to urinate a little bit and continue to sweat profusely from time to time.

How to deal with night sweats

To deal with discomfort due to night sweats, Mother can try to do the following:

1. Use clothes made of cotton

To deal with discomfort Mother caused by sweating at night, use a nightgown made of natural cotton. Natural cotton is generally easier to absorb sweat. Also, use loose nightgowns to keep your body comfortable and not too hot.

2. Keep the room temperature cool

Keeping the room temperature cool, can be a way to relieve sweat at night. You do this by turning on the air conditioner, fan or opening a little window. This is useful to help prevent too much sweating at night.

3. Sufficient fluid needs

Sweating continuously can increase your risk of having dehydration or lack of fluids. To prevent this, you can multiply drinking lots of water.

Mother can check for herself whether the body has fulfilled its fluid needs, through the color of urine. If your mother's urine is brightly colored, chances are that your fluid needs have been met. However, if your mother's urine is thick or dark yellow, you may lack fluids.

4. Bathe before going to bed

If possible, you can take a bath with warm water or cold water before going to bed. This is useful for making Mother sleep more soundly, clean from sweat. The mother can also put cotton-absorbing fabric on the cloth, as the outer layer of the head pillow.

5. Use powder

If sweat causes Mother's skin to become irritated, don't forget to use the powder that does not contain talc (talc-free powder). This is useful for preventing skin rashes.

Sweating at night after giving birth can make you uncomfortable. However, this condition usually goes away on its own after a few weeks. However, you are advised to consult a doctor if your natural nighttime sweat is accompanied by fever because this condition is probably a sign of infection.

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