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Get a healthy womb with consumption of these foods

The uterus is a very important organ for women. Not only does it play a full role during pregnancy and childbirth, the hollow organs behind the bladder and the front of the rectum also perform their functions when women experience menstruation.

When planning a pregnancy, women must pay attention to the intake of food consumed. This is useful for maintaining women's health and fertility. The choice of nutritious foods called can increase fertility and accelerate pregnancy.

Nutrition plays an important role in pregnancy.

Research shows that specific changes in the diet can increase fertility, reduce the risk of miscarriage, and support a healthy pregnancy.

There are several healthy foods that are very good for maintaining the health of the body and the reproductive system. Here are foods that need to be consumed.

Foods containing high antioxidants

As you get older, the antioxidants that surround your egg will decrease. The thinner the antioxidant level, the greater the possibility of free radicals to cause problems in your egg.

If you don't want that to happen, eat various vegetables and fruits every day, regularly. You can find antioxidants in apples, pears, grapes, oranges, broccolo, asparagus, tomatoes, walnuts, and almonds.

Foods containing folic acid

Folic acid is vitamin B9 which is water soluble and is very beneficial for pregnant women. This nutrient is also not produced by the body itself. For that, you must eat foods rich in folic acid to get these nutrients.

Some foods that are rich in folic acid are easy to find, for example:

  • Chicken's liver. In 100 grams of chicken liver contained 578 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Mung bean. In one cup of mung beans. pruriens contains 358 micrograms of folic acid
  • One cup of asparagus contains 262 micrograms of folic acid.
  • One cup contains 194 micrograms of folic acid.
  • Egg yolks containing folic acid are 145 micrograms.


The five foods above are those that contain the highest levels of folic acid. Actually, there are still avocados, beets, whole wheat bread, green beans, etc., but the folic acid content is not as rich as the five mentioned above.

Food contains vitamin D

Reporting from Livestrong, not only good for bone health, apparently vitamin D is also beneficial for ovarian health. This vitamin can increase women's fertility and production processes, as well as the release of progesterone.

Not only that, vitamin D can also help balance AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) levels in women affected by polycystic ovary syndrome ― namely female ovarian abnormalities due to hormonal imbalances and can cause menstrual disorders or fertility disorders.

You can find Vitamin D in milk, salmon, mushrooms, egg yolks, morning sunshine

Foods containing omega-3

Not only the heart that benefits from omega-3 fatty acids, but the ovaries and uterus as well. Omega-3 fatty acids will protect these internal organs from oxidative damage.

To get the goodness of omega-3, you can eat the following foods:

  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Linseed
  • Walnuts
  • Soybeans
  • Soybean oil
  • Pumpkin seeds


Eat the food choices above at the right portion, so that your uterine health is maintained properly. Don't forget to pair it with the application of a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, getting enough rest, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol so that the benefits are more pronounced.

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