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Get to know symptoms of cosmetic allergies

Cosmetics can indeed make anyone more beautiful. Unfortunately, not all beauty products are safe on your skin. Some of them may contain chemicals that react badly to your skin.

There are times when you are tempted to buy new cosmetics because of the ads on television or devices. Then, without thinking again and while being a massive discount on the internet, you are willing to spend on cosmetics that are not clear whether or not it matches your skin. Be careful, find out first if you are allergic to certain cosmetics.

The more diverse cosmetic variants are tempting to have. Not to mention, the mushrooming of cosmetics sold online does not allow you to test on the skin first.

As a result, skin that does not match the content contained in cosmetics can experience skin irritation. Know the signs of cosmetic allergies so you can be more careful.

Ensure cosmetic allergies

Itching, swelling, or a heat sensation like burning on the face when wearing cosmetics will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. If you experience this condition, lest you do not match the new cosmetics. Well, to make sure, the following are conditions that will arise if you are indeed allergic to certain cosmetics.

An unusual rash appears

Allergist and immunologist Purvi Parikh MD who conducts research with Allergy Asthma Network and NYU School of Medicine explains, allergic contact dermatitis which is a medical term for contact reactions with allergens actually looks very similar to eczema. Its characteristics are a red, itchy, dry, scaly rash in the area where you apply makeup. In extreme cases, allergic reactions can even cause swelling.

The reaction appears 24 hours later

Sometimes, an allergic reaction does not immediately appear, but depends on the immune system of each person. At the first exposure, an allergic reaction appeared a few weeks later. But generally, allergic reactions often appear 24 hours later.

Well, when you keep using the same cosmetics, the reaction can appear much faster than before. So, if there is a change after using a cosmetic, it means that your skin does not match the cosmetics.

Symptoms disappear after the use of cosmetics is stopped

Parikh says that the first step to stopping the rash due to cosmetic allergies is to stop using products that you think are the cause. For example, if you feel an itch or a rash on the eyelid area after applying eyeshadow, stop using it.

Allergies appear after years of use

Allergies are usually triggered by new cosmetics that are still unfamiliar to your skin. But, can you also experience allergies to cosmetics that have actually been used for years? The answer, you can. This was explained by Melanie Palm MD who is a dermatologist from Art of Skin, California.

"Someone who has a history of eczema, asthma or even seasonal allergies, tends to produce a rash that is quite serious, even though he had previously used a cosmetic for years," he said.

This can happen because in most cases of cosmetic allergies, the immune system can become very sensitive to chemicals from time to time.

"The more you use makeup, the more your immune system is sensitive to it, and it can become unsuitable. So, your skin produces a strong reaction, "Parikh added.

Besides because of your own skin factors, the sudden appearance of allergies also indicates that the manufacturer of cosmetics that you have been using for years may be adding other ingredients that actually cause allergies to your skin.

What should be noted when trying new cosmetic products

From the characteristics of cosmetic allergies that have been described, the most common mild symptoms are itching. If you feel itchy in the area affected by contact with cosmetic products, you should immediately stop using it. If the allergic reaction really makes you uncomfortable, immediately get your skin checked by a doctor.

It is recommended that you test the product's sensitivity on your skin first. You do this by applying just a little of the product to your hands. If you feel itchy or reddish, you may not be compatible with the product. Before buying, you should first find out the product content. Some substances such as parabens, quaternium-15, phthalate, and other allergens may need to be avoided.

Chemicals in cosmetics that should be watched out for

You need to know, there are some allergic chemicals in cosmetics that are often used by cosmetic manufacturers, including metals such as nickel and cobalt which are usually found in some eyeshadow, antiperspirant, and hair dyes.

In addition, fragrances and preservatives such as parabens and methylisothiazolinone contained in facial tissues and hair products also often cause allergies. Therefore, it is very important for you to read the composition on the cosmetic label before buying it to minimize the risk of skin allergies.

One more thing you need to consider, the use of natural ingredients in cosmetics does not necessarily indicate that cosmetics are safe and will not cause allergies. Because after all, making cosmetics is definitely mixed by several other ingredients.

Actually this allergy is not only caused by the product content, the cleanliness of the makeup is also very influential. Therefore, you should pay attention to hand hygiene, sponge powder used, and your dressing table. Use cosmetic products wisely, not too thick and must be cleaned when you are going to sleep.

After knowing the various risks of cosmetic allergies above, from now on avoid buying new cosmetic products before you try them a little to minimize the risk of allergic appearance. If after trying a few days later no reaction arises, then you can buy the product.


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