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Gray hair do not be revoked, know the shocking facts

For some people, having gray hair is a shame. Especially for women.

Various ways were done to gray the gray hair and hope not grow again. Included with a shortcut revoked gray to the roots.

In fact, pulling out gray hair is absolutely no benefit. In addition to causing trauma to the hair follicles and making hair not grow anymore, pulling the gray hair also will not make your hair black again.

Hair is the natural crown of every person. When hair begins to dull, easily broken or even gray, not infrequently this makes us panic. Hair that has gray is not infrequently also makes a person worried because they judge he was not young anymore. If you have this, not a few people who do various treatments and ensure that the gray hair in his hair disappeared. One treatment is to pull out the gray hair.

As we get older, signs of aging can be easily recognized in a variety of ways, including the appearance of graying. For some women, gray hair that grows can sometimes interfere with appearance. So what to do? First, do not panic, especially for those of you who are in their 20s with some strands of gray hair that started popping up. Because, gray hair can also be caused by stress and high pressure.

If you feel anxious and stressed because gray hair is starting to appear, this will only make it faster and thrives. Usually, a person's reaction when looking at a white hair is to pull it out. However, it turns out this way is wrong. According to the dermatologist, Dr. David Bank, you should not immediately remove the gray hair that appears between the strands of your black hair.

However, regarding this gray hair, try not to immediately remove it when you find it. There are several facts about gray hair that must be known. The facts are as follows.

Hair follicles

Actually, the root hair has a white or gray color. While the color black, blonde, brown or reddish obtained from melanin pigments that exist in the body and then give color. After the age, melanin in the body slowly decreases even die so as to make the hair show the original color ie white or gray.

Bad lifestyle triggering growing tank is faster

Bad lifestyle

If you want to have a hair color that is always beautiful like the color of jet black, brown or blonde, you just need to make sure that the pattern of life that you live everyday well. Poor patterns and lifestyle can trigger gray hair grow faster. Bad lifestyle is meant include smoking habits, consumption of unhealthy foods, stress or the emergence of certain diseases in the body.

Revoking gray hair can make gray hair much more?

Revoking gray hair

Did you often hear that grabbing gray hairs can make gray hair growing on the scalp become more and more? This is just a myth and there is no point. In fact, one follicle produces only one hair. When gray hair grows, this is not because there is gray hairs that were previously removed but because melanin in the body continues to decrease.

What causes gray hair?

The main factor causing gray hair is aging. The more people get older or older, it is undeniable that the gray growing on the scalp will increase. Not only grow on the scalp, some places that overgrown hair will experience gray hair.

Conditions That Affect Hair Color

Age factor

Many assumption that stress can accelerate the aging factor, including the growth of gray hair earlier than it should be. Although some cases support the assumption, but until now has not been proven scientifically.

Here are some conditions that can affect the formation of gray hair.

Age factor

Naturally, the change of hair color to gray or white occurs with age or called achromotrichia. As we get older, melanin production in the body will decrease causing graying. This is thought to be caused by increased cell damage due to aging.

Usually the color change begins in the hair inside the nose, followed by hair on the head, beard, then hair on other body parts, last hair on the eyebrows.


The cause of the growth of this one gray hair is inevitable. People whose hair is white or gray despite their young age may be caused by genetic factors. That means, parents or grandparents also experience the same thing when they are young.

Health condition

Suffering from certain diseases can also be the cause of the growth of gray hair. Congenital conditions or genetic disorders such as albino, ie when a person has little or no pigment to the hair, eyes, and skin to look white or pale.

In addition to albino, vitiligo can also be the cause of gray hair growth. This is an autoimmune condition that causes some parts of the hair and skin to lose color pigments.

Problems with the pituitary gland or the thyroid gland can also cause gray hair. But once these conditions are resolved, hair color can return to normal.

Lack of nutrients can be the cause of hair becomes smoother, thinner, and brittle and discolours due to decreased melanin production. Examples are vitamin B12 deficiency or pernicious anemia. Werner's syndrome can also cause the appearance of gray at a young age.


Smoking can be a factor in the growth of gray hair. In fact, there are studies that reveal the relationship between smoking with gray hair at the age of less than 30 years.


Patients undergoing radiotherapy sometimes change their hair white, but will return to the original color some time later.

Until now there has been no scientifically proven product capable of slowing or preventing gray growth, ranging from certain supplements, vitamins, proteins, or diet.


When is gray hair considered growing too early?

Generally, Asians will experience gray hair growth in their late 30s. Whitening hair at that age can be considered too early.

If you feel uncomfortable with gray growing, one option is to use a dye or hair dye. To note, gray hair tends to be more dry. So pay attention to the right and safe hair dye products, and avoid hair coloring too often.

That's the fact of gray hair. When the hair starts graying, do not immediately pull it out. Pulling gray hair will only make hair thin and susceptible to irritation or injury caused by hair roots are forcibly revoked.

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