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Have Inflammation? Reduce with these 7 Foods

When arthritis strikes, you will certainly feel uncomfortable. How come? The pain it causes makes it difficult for you to move. Do you want to move just a little, surely your legs or arms feel painful. To overcome this, the doctor will usually give topical topical medication or oral medication taken to relieve inflammation.

Inflammation does not only occur due to the presence of foreign objects that invade our immune system. Physical injury and irritant material can also give rise to the body's inflammatory response. Sometimes, inflammation or inflammation occurs precisely when the immune system that is supposed to function provides protection and even attacks the body itself. This condition is referred to as an autoimmune disease. Some examples of autoimmune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

This Is the Purpose of the Body to Inflammate

Inflammation is a natural immune system reaction that the body has to fight disease attacks. This process is a biological response to the danger signals that approach the body. In the absence of an inflammatory process, the possibility for infection and wounds to heal becomes very small.

Inflammation occurs when body tissue is injured, infected with bacteria, exposed to poisons, or heat. Damaged cells release chemicals called histamine, prostaglandin, and bradykinin. Its function is so that the blood vessels dilate, so that more blood and white blood cells flow into the area. As a result, the area experiencing inflammation appears swollen and warm. This process also aims to isolate foreign substances so as not to infect other body tissues.

Although it has good intentions and functions for the body, the inflammatory process is also sometimes harmful. In certain diseases, the immune system actually fights healthy cells. Inflammation may also occur even though there are no foreign objects to fight. This results in damage to normal networks.

Special Diets to Control Inflammation

We already know that the inflammatory process is needed by the body to fight infections and wound healing processes. However, keep in mind that chronic inflammation (long-term) can cause a number of conditions or diseases that harm the body, such as arthritis due to rheumatoid arthritis or cancer.

Therefore, sometimes reducing inflammation is important to do. One of them is with anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs should be obtained through a prescription from a doctor, so that the dosage and use are right.

In addition to drugs, you can use daily food as a way to counteract the detrimental effects of the inflammatory condition. The following are foods that can treat inflammation and reduce the effect of swelling in your joints:

1. Fruit that is high in antioxidants

According to the Arthritus Foundation, instead of consuming snacks that are high in salt and artificial sugar, you should consume fruits that are high in antioxidants, such as apples, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries.

The various fruits should be eaten directly, not processed into juice which is then mixed with sweet or thick sugar, so that the nutrients do not decrease.

By making these fruits as a snack menu, you will avoid damage to cells and joints that are getting worse. So, symptoms of pain and swelling can be reduced.

2. Fish

If arthritis is recurrent, you should first replace the intake of red meat with fish. Because red meat has higher levels of bad fat and salt. You can choose salmon, snapper, tuna, cod, halibut, and bass which contain higher omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are useful to help reduce inflammation. If you have seafood allergies and can't replace red meat with fish, you should choose organic red meat.

Because, organic meat from cows fed on grass contains higher omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Avocados

Avocados are a special fruit. Because, the fruit that is now trending is eaten with half-cooked eggs, whole wheat bread, and salmon is rich in monounsaturated fats and has high levels of vitamin E.

Both of these substances are associated with a reduced risk of joint damage at the initial level. After all, eating avocados on a regular basis not only can relieve symptoms of joint pain, but also works to control the level of fat in the blood.

4. Garlic and onions

Not only as a natural antibiotic, garlic and onions are also known as kitchen spices that are efficacious to relieve symptoms of arthritis. You can add garlic or onions to the dish to taste. Cuisine is not only good, but also efficacious as anti-inflammatory.

5. Black chocolate or dark chocolate

If you want to eat chocolate, choose chocolate with a content of 70 percent pure chocolate. Avoid consuming milk chocolate and white chocolate. Because the two types of chocolate contain sugar and fat that are quite high. Instead of being cured, you might even get diabetes.

6. High-fiber foods

Fiber is known to reduce C-reactive protein (CRP), a substance that is in your blood and is associated with inflammation. Not only from vegetables and fruits, you can get fiber from foods such as peas, oatmeal, brown rice, or quinoa.

7. Peas

In 1 cup peas contain 15 grams of protein that is good for the body. Besides being friendly in the bag, peas also contain fiber and phytonutrients that work to help reduce inflammation. Peanuts that are often found in soup or fried rice dishes are also rich in magnesium, iron, and potassium.

Relieving inflammation that blocks your activities is actually not difficult. By undergoing treatment according to your doctor's recommendations and eating various foods above, your arthritis will heal faster. In addition, the intake of the menu above is also able to prevent inflammation from attacking again.

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