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Having sex when pregnant, is it safe?

Having sex during pregnancy may be the last thing on a woman's mind, especially when dealing with nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue. However, some women also crave sex during pregnancy.

On the other hand, some men may think that pregnant women are sexier than those who are not pregnant, but some men are also too afraid to hurt a baby or a partner who is pregnant if having sex. To find out more about sex during pregnancy, let's see the full details below!

Sexual relations, besides being beneficial to health, can also strengthen the emotional bond between husband and wife. During orgasm, the body secretes the hormone oxytocin or commonly called the love hormone, which has a positive impact on the mother and fetus. Orgasm can also strengthen the pelvic muscles (pelvis) and help the body in the face of postpartum depression.

However, hormonal changes, nausea, and fatigue due to pregnancy can make love passion decrease. Back pain and body shape changes also make sex positions more difficult and tend to be uncomfortable to do. In addition, many couples are worried that having intercourse during pregnancy can hurt the fetus.

For those of you whose passion stays on during pregnancy, having sex with a partner is fine. Pay attention to the security and all-round regarding sexual intercourse during pregnancy below.

Safety in Intimate Relationship during Pregnancy

Having sex during pregnancy is safe for the mother and fetus, provided that the pregnancy is normal. Normal pregnancy means you are not experiencing any abnormalities or problems that endanger your safety and your fetus.

You also can still perform various positions such as sex before pregnancy. However, as you get older, you may need to experiment with certain sex positions to adjust body shape changes. But if you are not sure, consult your pregnancy with your obstetrician or midwife.

Impact of Sexual Relations during Pregnancy

Fear of miscarriage is a concern of many couples not to have sex during pregnancy. In fact, most cases of miscarriage occur because the fetus does not develop normally, not because of penetration done in sexual relations.

Orgasm and prostaglandins contained in men's semen can indeed trigger uterine contractions. But, you dont have to worry. Studies show that it does not cause premature birth. Other studies also suggest that sexual intercourse nearing the day of birth estimates has not been proven to trigger labor.

Sex will not hurt the baby. The baby is protected by a sac and amniotic fluid, as well as the muscular wall of the uterus. In addition, the thick mucus that covers the cervix helps protect the fetus from infection. During intercourse, the penis just enters the vagina and does not reach the cervix. Therefore, your baby remains safe and protected.

When Should Pregnant Sexual Relations Not Be Done?

Having sex while pregnant is safe, unless your obstetrician or midwife states that there is an abnormality or problem in your pregnancy. There are several conditions in which sexual penetration should not be undertaken, including if:

  • History of miscarriage.
  • History of premature delivery.
  • Premature rupture of membranes.
  • Sexually transmitted disease.
  • Bleeding or reddish patches.
  • Weakness in the cervix (cervix).
  • Placenta previa.

Oral sex is safe. But make sure you and your partner are free from sexually transmitted diseases. When you have oral sex, tell your partner not to blow the vagina. Although rare, air blowing in the vagina is at risk of causing air embolism that can block blood flow. This condition will harm the mother and fetus.

Also avoid anal sex. Anal sex followed by vaginal penetration can cause the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vagina, which will then cause infection. This condition is certainly harmful to the fetus.

Tips for sexual intercourse while pregnant

When you are older than 20 weeks, your uterus will grow in size and begin to affect your stomach size as well. If you want to have sex during pregnancy, you can try a number of safe sex positions while pregnant.

Pain that is felt when having sex during pregnancy may be caused by changes in the position of the pelvic bones and muscles that become increasingly sensitive. If this happens, change the position more comfortable, especially the position where you can control penetration.

To ensure safety during sex, you can use condoms. Using condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases that can infect the mother and fetus. Avoid various types of sexual contact if you or your partner is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

If there is bleeding, don't panic. When pregnant, the cervix does become more sensitive so this is very possible. Even so, even if the blood comes out a little, you are advised to check it out with a gynecologist, to ensure that blood is not a serious problem.

After the baby is born, when can I have sex again?

This depends on whether you give birth normally or by caesarean section. Consider waiting until the doctor allows, often this takes 4-6 weeks after delivery. Wait until the cervix closes, the puerperal bleeding stops, and the surgical or laser wound heals.

If you feel sick or tired to think about sex, you can maintain intimacy in other ways. Keep maintaining daily relationships via telephone or text messages. Spend time together before your partner works, or before going to bed.

When you are ready to have sex again, do it slowly, and don't forget to use contraception until you are ready for your next pregnancy.

So, you don't need to be afraid anymore. Having sex during pregnancy remains safe, as long as you follow the various tips described above.

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