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Health Problems Often Experienced by Elderly Men

Old age is often seen as a time when humans must enjoy their lives more and no longer do too much activity. In the age that is often regarded as retirement age, humans do experience a lot of decline in bodily functions so that they will no longer be able to do many activities freely when they are still in their productive age.

When entering old age, a person does experience a lot of decline in bodily functions. Automatically, the elderly will no longer be able to move freely like when they were in their productive age. For elderly men, elderly people can also bring a variety of health problems, both physically and mentally.

Some of the health problems that are often experienced by elderly men include:

Chronic health problems

According to survey data, 92 percent of the elderly in America have at least one chronic health problem and around 77 percent have two chronic health problems. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are some of the most common health problems in the elderly.

Chronic diseases even cause up to two-thirds of deaths each year in America. To prevent this, elderly men must maintain their diet, exercise and not smoke. Don't forget to check your health regularly.

Cognitive problems

In elderly men, one of the common health problems is dementia. The most frequent cause of dementia is Alzheimer's disease. In addition, various other diseases, especially blood vessel problems can also cause dementia in elderly men.

Sexual dysfunction

Along with age, the problem of sexual dysfunction is also experienced by men, especially those who have problems with blood vessels. For example, men with diabetes, smoking, or obesity.

Urinary problems and bowel movements

Elderly people also often experience difficulty holding urine so they sometimes wet their bed. In addition, they also often have difficulty defecating (constipation). This can interfere with the quality of life of the elderly so it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Mental problems

Not only physical health problems, but mental problems were also experienced by many elderly men. Based on WHO data, around 15 percent of elderly people experience mental problems. One of the mental problems that are often experienced by the elderly is depression experienced by almost 7 percent of the elderly population. This also should not be considered trivial and needs to be handled properly.


Malnutrition also often occurs in the elderly. Malnutrition in the elderly occurs due to factors of poverty, lack of appetite, depression, restrictions on the amount of food, or because of dementia (forgetting to eat). Malnutrition can cause a decrease in endurance and muscle weakness. That is why food intake is also important for the elderly.

Sensory disorders

Sensory disorders, such as impaired vision and hearing, are also often experienced by the elderly. Survey data in the United States showed that one in six elderly had vision problems and one in four elderly had hearing loss. Impaired vision and hearing can also interfere with the quality of life of elderly men so it needs special attention.

Oral health problems

Oral health problems are also one of the problems that are often experienced by the elderly. About 25 percent of elderly people have oral health problems such as loss of teeth, tartar, perforated teeth and problems with gum health problems that make it difficult for the elderly to chew food properly. These oral health problems also should not be considered trivial.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one disease that often attacks older men. Not only cancer, but various complaints related to the prostate will also make you need an andrology specialist.

Based on the results of studies that have been conducted, men who are 39 years or younger are at risk of developing prostate cancer up to 0.005 percent. While this risk increased by 2.2 percent in men aged between 40-59 years. At an older age (between 60-79 years) the risk increases to 13.7 percent.

Decreasing the function of organs is indeed unavoidable as we get older. For this reason, elderly men must prepare themselves before entering old age. For example, by having a habit of exercising, living a healthy lifestyle, and getting enough sleep. Applying these habits from a young age can prevent you from the various health problems above.

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