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Health Psychology Benefits

Psychology summarizes all information about mental problems, thoughts, and human behavior that occur around. Covering a variety of scientific disciplines, information about this psychology can be closely related to health problems which, if not properly addressed, can have a negative effect. Therefore, knowing the information in detail is a way to achieve mental and mind health.

Health Psychology

Health psychology is an aspect of psychology that are useful when used in the world of health. For example, a doctor must be able to control his physical psychology and not just as a person who checks and prescribes drugs.

When the patient has a severe illness, then as a good doctor, he must be able to arouse the enthusiasm and motivation of the patient to be able to recover from his illness. Moreover, the doctor must also know how the patient's mental state is related to his health.

Health psychology is an aggregate of specific educational, and scientific professional contributions, from psychological disciplines, to promote or maintain health, including the handling of diseases and other aspects associated with them. Health psychology is seen as psychic and social knowledge that can be used and beneficial for reducing psychological stress caused by disease. Health psychology can be used in various situations and conditions.

Health Psychology Benefits

When a patient shows different behavior because of his illness, for example, depression or frustration, or at a mild level such as lack of motivation to recover.

  • Predicting the behavior of a patient when he goes through a certain level of disease. This step is a form of early prevention of the emergence of psychological problems.
  • Gather data about the attitudes and thoughts of patients when ill in the past.
  • Evaluate the role of psychology inpatient care.
  • Health psychology is also used to provide examples of how should think and behave to people who are sick.

Health Psychology Tips

1. Sleep seven to eight hours every day

In order to be able to move effectively and productively, most people need eight hours of quality sleep every night. However, for some people, it may take more or less than eight hours. Find hours of sleep that are suitable for your body condition so you can better manage your daily activities.

2. Breakfast every day

Not having breakfast can result in daily doses of vitamins and nutrients that are difficult for the body to obtain. People who are accustomed to breakfast tend to have a healthy diet as a whole. If it is routinely carried out every day, the benefits of breakfast can provide a large and complete nutritional intake.

A healthy breakfast should contain whole grains such as whole-grain cereals, fruits and vegetables, a protein obtained from peanut butter, lean meat, chicken, fish, boiled eggs, and a little fat from low cheese or milk fat. The combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and a little fat is beneficial to health and makes you full longer.

3. Reduce the habit of snacking at night

The habit of snacking at night can also have a negative influence on brain performance, especially in terms of storing memory in the long run and your overall thinking ability. This is because if you snack at night can disrupt the sleep and wake cycles that will have a negative influence on health and cognitive function.

Night snacking habits and frequent late meals are one of the disruptors to the sleep and wake cycle. In addition, exposure to light at night or doing heavy cardiovascular exercise when approaching bedtime should be avoided.

4. Don't smoke

Who does not know if cigarettes only harm anyone who breathes their smoke and has a negative impact on health such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, miscarriage in pregnant women and so on. Start quitting smoking now for a healthier life.

5. Do not consume alcohol

Just like smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages will have a negative impact on your health. This drink will change brain performance and reflexes in the body, also trigger obesity and addiction. However, in relation to the heart, alcohol can have good or bad effects on drugs. This depends on how much you consume it.

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