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Healthy Lifestyle Affects Your Biological Age

Have you applied a healthy lifestyle so far? As you often hear, a healthy lifestyle is done to protect the body from various diseases. More than that, the lifestyle also turns out to make you young. That's because a healthy lifestyle also affects your biological age.

The biological age itself is the age that cells have in your body. Biological age can be faster or slower than chronological age (increasing age every year).

Your biological age may be younger or older than chronological age. A person who is 50 years old can have 30 years of biological age. Likewise with someone who is still 30 years old, but the actual age of the body is 50 years.

To determine the biological age, you can refer to the following:

  • Exercise habits
  • Eating habit
  • Stress level
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Level of education
  • Sleep duration
  • Sexual and romantic relationships.

Besides being registered, the biological age is also influenced by genetics. If you have a family member who has lived longer than 96 years, you have the possibility to live a long time like that, even if the habits carried out everyday are not healthy.

Another important factor that affects biological age is where to live. It is no secret that the environment also helps improve the quality of health, although it is important to anticipate it, both from the aspect of cleanliness and the availability of important facilities such as clean water. For example, people who live in slums have a lower desire to exercise outside the home. They also tend not to find shops that sell fresh fruit and food in clean packaging. In fact, under the same conditions, a bad environment tends to cause stress levels to be higher.

Biological age is different from chronological age

Biological age is the age of your body's cells that describe how old you look. Meanwhile, chronological age is your current age calculated from your date of birth. The age of your body cells can be older or younger than your actual age. This is what makes a person look older or younger than his age. So it's true, age is just a number.

Experts suspect that telomeres (the very tip that protects chromosomes) make these two ages different. Telomeres function to maintain the end of the chromosome so that its quality does not decrease or so it does not fuse with other chromosomes. This affects how quickly cells change age and die. The more often the cell divides, the shorter the telomere because the telomere tip will fall each cell divides.

According to Dr. Terry Grossman, founder of Grossman Wellness Center, there is a direct connection between telomere length and body age, the longer you live, the shorter your telomeres are, as quoted by the Medical Daily. This explains that even if you have the same age as your friend, you don't necessarily have the same body age.

A healthy lifestyle to stay young

So that a truly effective lifestyle can make your biological age younger, one thing you should begin to pay attention to is daily food intake.

The bad fats found in fried foods, fast food, processed foods, and high-sugar foods should be avoided. Instead, multiply the consumption of fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

After that, exercise for 30 minutes a day three times a week. This is so that your body continues to be honed so that aging does not occur quickly. Then, keep your weight in the ideal range.

Finally, just need to rest by sleeping at least 8 hours a day. Stay away from cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and drugs, and manage stress well also needs to be done. You can also do medical check-ups regularly, so that health conditions continue to be monitored well.

So how? Are you interested in starting to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that your biological age can stay young? Be sure to do it continuously and consistently, so that you really feel the benefits of all time.

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