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Heart failure and heart attack, what's the difference?

Heart problems are still the largest contributor to death in the world. Both diseases are similar forms of heart disease and have similar causes. Then how to distinguish it?

Heart failure and heart attack do attack the same organ. But there is a difference between the two critical conditions and how to handle them. Check out the full explanation of the differences in heart failure and heart attacks as below.

The difference between heart failure and heart attack can be seen from the cause.

Heart attacks have many causes. If heart failure must be crowded, if the heart attack is not necessarily crowded. If it is congested means an acute heart attack that makes sudden. But generally the causes and risk factors are the same.

Most heart attacks occur suddenly when one of the arteries to the heart is blocked and cut off the blood flow that will stop the oxygen supply. Where without oxygen, the heart muscles will soon die.

While heart failure is usually gradual, ranging from weakened heart muscle and difficulty pumping blood to nourish the cells that exist in the body. Heart failure is a chronic condition that will gradually worsen over time, but with the right treatment will help you live longer and better.

A heart attack can be a heart failure if the ability to pump is weaker. In some cases heart failure can also come suddenly after a heart attack, usually a more severe symptom initially, called acute heart failure.

Coronary artery disease becomes the root cause of both heart attack and heart failure, according to the MD Web site. Where the plaque buildup for a long time because of fat and other substances that make the heart arteries narrowed or hardened.

In the case of a heart attack, the plaque turns into a clot or clot that will stop the blood flow. Sometimes spasm or sudden muscle contraction can also be the cause, and the rarest case is caused by a tear in the heart wall or coronary artery dissection, as experienced by Dahlan Iskan.

While heart failure is caused by blockage in the blood vessels which then make the heart become weak and over time fails to function. Heart failure can also be caused by several other conditions such as hypertension, arrhythmia, infection, HIV / AIDS, chemotherapy, thyroid, and lung disease.

First aid

There are only a few minutes and a small chance to save someone affected by heart failure. Through CPR and the help of medical experts, ordinary people almost hard to save the lives of patients with heart failure.

Then a person with a heart attack needs to get a breathable air. So tighten the tight clothes, let the patient calm down, give first aid of artificial breathing if necessary, and immediately contact a medical expert.


Heart failure is caused by electrical stimulation in the heart that makes the beating irregular. But in some cases, heart failure is also commonly experienced by people with heart disease.

Meanwhile, heart attacks can be caused by obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stress, inflammation of the arteries, clots of blood vessels, and heart disease.


Long-term care for people with heart failure include drugs, implanted devices that help normal heart rate return, and surgery.

Then treatments for heart attack sufferers are oxygen therapy, medication, proper diet, and regular exercise.

Symptoms of heart attack each person is different, even different also in women and men. The most common, heart attack symptoms are pain or feeling depressed in the middle of the chest or upper body, difficulty breathing, vomiting or nausea, dizziness, fatigue and cold sweats.

In heart failure, the symptoms still appear classic, including shortness of breath (especially when lying down), rapid or irregular heartbeat, fatigue, swelling at the ankle, legs, or abdomen and body from excess fluid, and dizziness.

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