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How Effective Is Breakfast Helping to Lose Weight?

Experts say that breakfast is a phase of eating that should not be missed because it has various benefits. In fact, some believe that breakfast can lose weight.

Breakfast has been recommended for a long time so that someone has the power to undergo a day's activities, at least until lunch. The breakfast menu can also vary.

Regardless of what menu is chosen, keep in mind that breakfast is an important factor to support your daily activities. Because, lack of energy can actually hamper productivity.

Frequent weakness and difficulty concentrating? Maybe you lack energy. Well, one of the benefits of breakfast is to get enough energy to move all day without fear of weakness.

Not only related to this, some say that breakfast can help you lose weight. But, is this presumption true?

Breakfast and weight loss

A study published through the BMJ journal states that so far there is no evidence to support the idea that breakfast is a good strategy for losing weight, or skipping breakfast has the opposite effect.

This journal is quite contradictory with other studies. In fact, prior research suggests that skipping breakfast is proven to make people obese.

However, researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, tried to analyze this. The trial was conducted by participants from the United States and Britain. The study then draws the following conclusions:

  • There is no evidence to show that breakfast can help you lose weight due to efficient burning of calories and prevent overeating later on.
  • Research has found that skipping breakfast is not associated with people who feel more hungry.

To get the results above, the researchers have examined participants who had breakfast habits and did not have breakfast habits with different body weights.

The research team later found that the total daily energy intake in people who had breakfast was higher than those who missed it. Meanwhile, people who skip breakfast, on average, have a total intake of around 97 pounds lighter.

In essence, the study explains that the evidence gathered by all the studies conducted to date does not see the benefits of breakfast as an effective way to lose weight.

The effect of breakfast depends on metabolism

In an opinion related to this study, Professor Tim Spector, genetic epidemiologist at King's College London in the UK warned that eating or skipping breakfast may have different effects on many people because everyone has a unique metabolism.

Instead, he encourages everyone to find the type of diet that is most beneficial for him. Because not everyone is suitable for certain types of diets. However, research on this matter is useful in adding new insights about weight

In fact, research shows that breakfast is not a determining factor for weight gain or fall. However, for those of you who believe that breakfast is effective enough to lose weight, there is no harm either. Most importantly, choose healthy food as a breakfast menu so that you can be free from limp body during the day.

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