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How old is baby can see clearly?

BPerhaps you are wondering, whether the baby, especially the new born, can already see or not? The answer is yes, but he can not see clearly, especially to an object far from him.

Unlike her full-fledged sense of hearing when she is one month old. The sense of sight takes longer to be able to see the world around it clearly. Let's discuss the following development of baby's vision ability.

At what age do babies see clearly?

Although the baby is perfectly physically healthy, the ability to see it is not as perfect as the older children and adults. In fact, newborns have very close visibility and can not focus on distant objects at all.

Along with growing up, then the baby can see clearly around the age of 12 months. The visual acuity will then continue to grow until she is 3-5 years old.

The stage of development of the baby's sense of vision

Age 0 to 3 months

As long as it is still in the womb, the baby's eyes are tightly closed so that he can not see anything. From birth to the first week of life, the baby's eyes can open and close but can not focus.

That's why you may often see a baby grasping at his hand. This is the baby's way of feeling what's around. Because the distance of the baby in this age range is also still very close, about 25-30 of his face. Newborns also can only hold his view at least about 10 to 12 seconds.

Around the age of 8 weeks, most babies can already recognize the face of his father and mother. The new baby can move his eyes following the direction of motion of the object at around the age of 2-3 months.

To train the baby's vision reflex, you can stimulate it in a voice, whether from the sound of your mouth or from the motion of the toy. But remember, newborns can only respond to black and white objects. So if you want to practice the vision reflex, you can fish with black or white baby toys.

Age 4 to 6 months

Entering the age of 4 months, the baby can see a variety of colors, especially red, blue, and green. Stepping on the age of 5 months and over, "collection" color will multiply. Baby 5 months old can see pastel colors.

In this age range also the direction of the baby's eyes are more directed. The baby can move his eyes without having to move his body or head. With this ability, the baby begins to process the information around it. Baby's eyesight is also wider than before.

Age 7 to 9 months

The 7-9 month old baby is able to see the sharpness, depth, and color of an object, says Melanie Kazlas, MD, director of eye health at Boston Eye & Ear Infirmary, as quoted by The Bump.

Improved viewing ability is supported by the ability of his body to start crawling to explore the area and reach the object of interest.

Age 10 to 12 months

At this age the baby can see all the objects clearly. In fact, babies can already estimate the distance so they can throw the goods to a certain place. They can also quickly focus and move on to other things.

When to check the child's eyes?

Children should regularly check their eyes to avoid the risk of serious visual impairment. Parents need to start checking the eyes of the child from the beginning he was born and back again after the baby aged 6 months to 1 year.

When the child is between 3 and 3.5 years of age, take your baby to an ophthalmologist for further examination and eye sharpness tests to ensure his / her vision condition. Once your child reaches the age of 5-6 years, you need to see a doctor once more to check the development of the child's eyes. Afterwards, eye examinations can be more routine until the child enters school age.

You need to worry if Little Person is not stunned to see you when he was a few weeks or months. If at the age of 3 to 4 months both eyes do not move the ball side by side, it is advisable to check it to the doctor. These symptoms may be a sign he has a disturbance in vision or on the eye muscles.

But if the baby has strange symptoms in his eyes, such as continuing water, less responding to objects of striking color, uneven baby's eyesight, and more sensitive to light, check with your ophthalmologist immediately.

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