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How old when new baby can be brought out home?

After the birth, it may be familiar to Mother to hear advice that the newborn baby is not immediately taken out of the house. In fact, some say it is worth delaying until the age of 40 days.

This can be confusing, especially for the new mother to be a mother. Naturally if the appeal of the people around to make Mother so worried to bring the newborn Little to interact outside the home. Let's find out when the actual baby new born may be taken out of the house.


Watch Baby's Health Conditions

Medically, there is actually no definite benchmark when a newborn baby can be taken out of the house. Indeed extra protection and extra attention should be given to newborns, especially if the baby has immune system disorders or premature birth. However, most babies do not need to stay home for weeks after birth. During a healthy baby's condition, Mother can take the baby out of the house.

Taking the baby out of the house is also proven to make the baby sleep more soundly at night. In addition, taking a baby out will also have a good impact, especially if the room does not have good air ventilation, or when there is a sick at home.


Preparing Your Baby Before Coming Out

Preparing your baby before coming out

Although generally safe, but still there are things to watch out for before bringing a newborn out of the house, that is:

Watch the weather

Make sure the weather outside is friendly enough for the baby. Not too hot and neither is it raining heavily.

Customize baby clothes

Mother, you should adjust the baby clothes with the weather and destination where to go. Avoid wearing clothes that are too minimal or thin when going to the mall with air conditioning. Do not forget to bring blankets and jackets. Instead, avoid wearing clothes that are too thick and covered when going to bring the baby to a warm place.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Mother is advised to avoid baby from direct sun exposure, by protecting it with umbrella and hat. If the baby is taken with a stroller, Mother may need to use the lid. The baby's still soft skin can be easily burned by direct sun exposure, and skin damage can occur. If necessary, rub the skin with a safe sunscreen for the baby.

Do not approach the sick person

Avoid babies from places where there are many sick people. The baby's immune system is still not fully developed and is not strong enough to fight infections. This is why Mother should also keep the baby immunization schedule.

Limit time in crowded locations

Mother needs to limit the length of time the Little Person is in the middle of the crowd. This is because Mother never knows the people around are experiencing any pain.

Do not let anyone hold the Little One

Should not let anyone hold the Little One. Or at least make sure they wash their hands before touching them.

In addition, it is important to watch for the right moment to take the baby out of the house. That is after he naps or eats, and after changing diapers. Do not forget to get ready to bring baby gear. Especially if the baby is invited out of the house more than an hour. He definitely needs clothes, food, and extra diapers.

Besides good for babies, going outdoors is also good for Mother, let alone who since childbirth has not traveled out of the house. Remember, a healthy baby starts from a healthy and happy Mother. So, no need to hesitate yes, if you want to bring a healthy baby to walk out of the house. If necessary, consult this with a pediatrician, to get more information about the safety of bringing newborns out of the house.

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