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How to determine the right diet for me?

Choosing the most suitable diet is sometimes confusing. Not infrequently the wrong people choose how to actually diet fails to achieve the desired goals, even cause adverse effects to health. Well, therefore let's know first how to know the right way of dieting and matching with yourself. Check out the reviews below.

Actually, what is diet, anyway?

Before you determine how the diet will be lived, you should first know what the true meaning of the diet. The reason, many people who think that diet is a restricted eating habits so that body weight down. In fact, this assumption is less precise.

Then, what is diet? The word diet comes from the Greek word meaning way of life. Therefore, a good diet is actually what can be a way of life of our daily life.

Diet can also be interpreted as a way to regulate the amount and choose foods to achieve certain goals, such as losing weight, controlling the body's cholesterol, to support the treatment of a particular disease.

Currently, many diets are circulating in the community, especially to lose weight. Diet to lose weight most often discussed are:

  • Atkins Diet
  • The zone diet
  • Ketogenic diet
  • A vegetarian diet
  • A vegan diet
  • Weight watcher diet
  • South beach diet
  • Raw food diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Fasting Diet (intermittent diet)


In choosing the right diet, what should be considered?

Before moving further, keep in mind that the meaning of diet is a way of life. This way of life must be done by everyone from infant to elderly. Not that diet is always to lose weight.

Well, when you want to determine which way the right diet, of course this should be based on your own needs. For example, do you currently want to lose weight, gain weight, maintain cholesterol levels, improve performance (usually for athletes), or prevent aging.

After knowing what the purpose of the diet will be, see also how the condition of body weight, body fat levels, diseases owned, profession, and lifestyle (for example, sleep patterns, exercise, daily activities performed).

If indeed you are difficult to choose which way the right diet, you should consult a doctor and nutritionist.

So what are the signs if someone succeeds or does not successfully run his diet?

Sometimes you may have already undergone a diet for some time. Well, during that time you should value whether the diet is successful or not. If not, maybe the way the application of your diet is wrong or even the way the selected diet is less suitable.

To find out whether the diet is successful or not, you can see the following signs:

Signs of the diet work

  • Successfully run everyday
  • Easy, not heavy or forced to do so
  • Can be done long term
  • Achieving the desired goal


Signs of the diet did not work

  • Difficult to do
  • Promising quick results
  • Can not be done long term
  • Not delivering results according to dietary goals


However, do not equate the success of the diet that you live with others. The reason, the success of a diet may be different for each person and will spend the same time. If you really have difficulty during the diet, maybe this is not the right way for your diet. Should immediately consult a doctor related to this.

The most important thing is to avoid dieting because follow-friends or just because the diet is popular. This will have an unfavorable impact. In terms of health, a wrong diet can cause stomach disorders, gallbladder, until the disruption of the pancreas.


Is it ok to change the diet?

Changing the diet may be done, because the condition of each person can vary and depending on the preferences of the person. For example, if you previously run a diet with the goal of losing weight and have managed to fit the target, you can return to other diets.

In this case, return to a balanced nutrition diet recommendation, with the following portion divisions:

  • Carbohydrates: 50-60 percent
  • Protein: 15-20 percent
  • Fat: 25-30 percent


Protein requirements can also be calculated based on body weight, ie 0.8-1.2 grams / kilogram body weight per day. For example your weight is 60 kilograms, then protein needs 0.8 grams of protein multiplied by 60 kilograms, which is 48 grams of protein. So your daily protein requirement is between 48 to 72 grams of protein per day.

Here's the contents of the dinner plate in accordance with balanced nutrition

Applying this principle of balanced nutrition can be easily done by following the form of my dinner plate by the Ministry of Health.

My meal plate illustrates a healthy eating suggestion in one meal, where half (50 percent) of the total amount of food per meal is vegetable and fruit. While the other half is the food source of carbohydrates (staple food) and food sources of protein (side dishes).

 Eatwell plate

Although it does not matter changing the diet, you should not be easily hooked by a diet that promises instant results. The reason, there is no way the right diet shows the quick results. The effect of changing the diet due to follow-up friends can cause yo-yo effects.

Diet is a way of life that you use so on, so it is better to choose according to your needs, not based on the needs of others.

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