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How to eliminate broken lips

Nearly everyone has felt cracked lips. In addition to disturbing appearance, this condition also makes the lips hurt, uncomfortable, maybe even bleeding. Overcome chapped lips with the method below.

Most people think that chapped lips only appear during summer or dry season. In fact, chapped lips can also be experienced during the rainy season.

Causes and Symptoms of Broken Lips

The lips have a unique condition compared to other parts of the skin. This part is not equipped with oil glands to maintain moisture. Therefore, exposure to sunlight or low humidity can make the lips dry.

In addition, certain medical conditions such as malnutrition, irritation, and side effects of drugs can also cause chapped lips. This condition can get worse if we do not care well for the lips.

Some symptoms of chapped lips that can be experienced are dry lips and even peeling, scales on the lips, wounds, swelling, and if it is severe, it will bleed.

How to Overcome Broken Lips

To get rid of cracked lips, there are several ways you can do, including:

Reduce the habit of licking the lips

Although sometimes intending to wet the lips that experience dryness, it turns out licking lips actually worsens chapped lips. The rapid evaporation of saliva causes the lips to experience a drier condition than before being licked. If licking the lips is caused by the use of lip balms that contain flavor, the use should be avoided.

Use lip protection

Wearing sun-drenched lip balm while in the sun can prevent chapped lips. The more frequent activities outdoors, the more often the need to use lip protectors.

Apply honey to moisturize the lips

As an alternative to lip balm, you can apply it to overcome dry and cracked lips. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and is able to moisturize your lips. Try to use real honey, because fake honey contains a lot of sugar mixture.

Avoid allergens

As much as possible avoid direct contact with ingredients that can trigger allergies. Some people are susceptible to allergies to perfume products, dyes, cosmetics, or skin care products.

Keep the humidity level

To maintain moisture on the lips, it is important to drink enough water, so that the body including the lips remain hydrated. If necessary, install an air conditioner in the room.

Breathe through the nose

Some people may prefer to breathe using their mouths rather than their noses. This habit of breathing with the mouth should be avoided because it can worsen chapped lips.

Avoid using certain drugs

Some drugs can cause side effects in the form of chapped lips. Medications that are used to treat depression, excessive anxiety, allergies, pain, zits, and breathing problems can cause chapped lips. Consult with your doctor to find out for sure. If it is very annoying, you can consider alternative medicine.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods, you definitely agree right? Expand to eat fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C if your lips feel dry and start to crack. Apples, oranges, papayas, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are examples of some fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C.

Although chapped lips can heal by itself, but in some people, this can turn out to be more severe. If it is severe, cracked lips can turn into cheilitis or inflammation of the surface of the lips. A specific sign of cheilitis is the appearance of cracks in the corners of the lips and can be accompanied by infection. If chapped lips are difficult to overcome or have become cheilitis, you should consult a doctor.

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